How to Maximise Your Small Bathroom Renovation

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For a genuinely stunning bathroom renovation, you need bathroom renovators who think outside of the conventional box; no matter what bathroom space you have available, realistic small bathroom ideas can make the most of your space.

The following four modern bathroom ideas are beneficial in creating the illusion of space in small bathroom renovations.

Scale Down Your Large Components

Traditionally older bathrooms usually contain bulky elements which take up unnecessary space for no real purpose. Scaling down these elements is a really clever design choice that reduces visual clutter and gives the illusion of a larger space.

Opt for compact bathroom elements to make your small bathroom renovation feel less busy but still give your household members all the functionally they need. To start, wall mounting taps saves vanity space and provides a more seam-line look as all the ugly pipework is hidden behind the wall.

Gaining a few extra centimetres in any bathroom renovation goes a long way but is especially valuable in a small bathroom renovation. From shorter and narrower baths, to corner sinks and wall-mounted toilets, all offer slimline solutions to reduce the cluttered and packed-in feeling in your small bathroom installation.

Another element to reconsider is the door; if possible, have your door opening outwards or add a sliding or folding door to provide more space than a traditional hung door.  Finally, a frame-less shower is a practice element that gives the illusion of more space in any compact bathroom renovation. Allowing light to flow around the room easily and reduces visual clutter to make the space feel bigger.

Keep Styling Minimal

Sticking to the bare essentials is a styling key to making the most of the limited space in small bathrooms renovations. Color schemes are also really important in a tight area; as designed effectively, the chosen color palette stimulates the room entirely.

It’s Design 101 to choose pale and natural color schemes to make a space seem bigger. But make sure you avoid going overboard on the white as it can make a room feel cold and clinical.

While on the other hand, darker colors which generally make a space seem more compact and smaller, can work in a small bathroom renovation with a lot of natural lightening and well-chosen lighting fixtures.

Any space can come alive with a lot of natural light through large windows, and skylights are great space-enhancing elements. Good bathroom lighting, in general, will make the space feel bigger, especially when it’s dark outside and you can’t rely on sunlight. Dimmer switches are useful bathroom installations as you can adjust the light’s intensity at any time.

Although if there is any styling feature that can’t go wrong is a house plant. No matter the species of plant, a potted friend adds a warm pop of green and texture into your space, making the room seem alive and inviting.

When cleverly placed, plants can make bathroom renovations appear larger too, like placing a tall snake plant in the corner to give the allusion of taller ceilings. Perfect bathroom plants are those that thrive well in the warm and humid environments.


Strategically placed storage can give endless opportunities in your small bathroom renovation. Storage is obviously vital in any bathroom renovation, but the best way to maximize your bathroom storage is with custom cabinetry in your vanity and maybe some hidden storage behind the mirror.

If you are on a budget, it is definitely worth investing in one hero vanity rather than multiple storage, as basic flat-pack designs make a bathroom installation feel smaller and boxy. Rather, a seamless large vanity makes the room feel less crowded, as there are less large bulky objects in the room.

The most efficient small bathroom renovation designs make the most of the awkward nooks and crannies in a tight space, again why custom-designed cabinetry can be so beneficial. As custom-designs consider every millimetre, ensuring the piece will make the most of the space – turning dead space into functional uses.


Clever tile choices can make any bathroom renovation look bigger; for example, mirror the floor tiles up the walls to create a seamless aesthetic. Stretching the tiles doesn’t break up the room and visually creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom installation.

Large tiles are definitely the best choice to make your small bathroom space feel bigger and brighter. With fewer grout lines on the wall and floors, the room seems less cluttered, and the room visually expands.

Although experienced Bathroom Renovators will always cater to our clients’ likes and dislikes above all else – if you have fallen in love with a small tile, they can make it work by balancing the tile size throughout the bathroom installation. In particular, smaller tiles look great in the showering area, but generously sized tiles work best for most of the room.

Final Words

That’s why for example having an easily accessible bathroom with multiple facilities will allow for an easier transition and more comfort during morning routines. Taking into account the needs of everyone in your home, having two separate sink vanities can be helpful for each individual to perform their morning grooming tasks with ease. This can create a sense of independence and more accessibility for those who need it most, leading to a more simplified morning routine overall. To eliminate possible difficulties that you may encounter during the installation process, do not hesitate to get additional information from the source.