Spotify Advertising: 3 Solutions to Make the Brand Known

Spotify Advertising

If you are looking to increase brand awareness and, at the same time, sales, Spotify Advertising could be for you.

If you try to increase brand awareness, brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of recognition of a product by the consumer through its name or and, at the same time, Spotify sales Advertising. As you know, Spotify is an audio streaming service that is appreciated all over the world. The care for content and the creation of micro-communities have helped to consecrate Spotify as a leader in this niche. Speaking of digital advertising, knowing the Swedish company’s offer could prove interesting regarding return on investment and customer loyalty.

As you will very soon discover, taking advantage of this advertising strategy can also be profitable in our country. Spotify also plays a crucial role in Italians’ lives, who also use it several times a day to listen to their favorite songs. Indeed, some authoritative sources enthusiastically affirm that in Italy, at least one in ten people use Spotify. The thing becomes more intriguing when we discover Spotify’s effect on its community during the first lockdown. But we’ll talk about it shortly. Speaking of Spotify, there is an element that is good to know right away.

The real treasure behind the company is the presence of various types of buyer personasBuyer Personas are semi-fictional representations of the ideal customer. They on market research, biological data on existing customers, and some assumptions based on. We can safely say that the main benefit of experimenting with Spotify Advertising is reaching the target.

If you’re wondering why to incorporate Spotify Advertising into your business strategy, I suggest you avoid distractions and start discovering its potential!

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  • 1 An overview of Spotify
  • 2 Spotify and the impact on privacy
  • 3 Spotify Advertising: platform users
  • 4 Spotify advertising: focus on buyer personas
  • 5 Spotify advertising: the three types
  • 6 Spotify Advertising: Audio Everywhere
  • 7 Spotify Advertising Video: Sponsored Session
  • 8 Spotify Advertising Video: Video Takeover
  • 9 Spotify Advertising: Display
  • 10 Spotify Advertising: Sponsored Playlist
  • 11 Spotify Advertising: Create your first campaign
  • 12 Spotify advertising: the results of the companies
  • 13 Now it’s your turn


1. An Overview of Spotify –

If experimenting with audio advertising seems like an exciting investment to strengthen the Brand, a Brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, or phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination awareness, I propose you discover some juicy information to understand the Spotify ecosystem. The Swedish service plays the leading role in the music streaming industry. What makes Spotify an attractive investment for companies is the quality of users who populate the ecosystem. As the founder, Daniel Ek, says: Despite the global uncertainty of 2020, it has been a remarkable year for Spotify. Monthly active users reached 345 million, reaching the top of the range, and we now have 155 million subscribers, who have exceeded all expectations. Spotify Financial – Talking about numbers is always dull, but knowing the performances on the platform is enjoyable, especially when it comes to investments. There are approximately 121 million users in Europe, of which only 62,000 are premium customers.  Advertising on Spotify means reaching only users who do not have an active subscription.

2. Spotify and the Impact on Privacy –

Investing in such a niche type of advertising could scare the enterprising entrepreneur eager to make his Brand known and increase product sales. What contributes to making Spotify the leader in audio streaming is undoubtedly the quality of the content.  Something noteworthy happened during the 2020 lockdown. About 55% of users preferred to invest their time listening to music directly on the platform.  This result emerged from research conducted by Spotify. The most exciting thing? The users aged 16 to 40 years have enjoyed the content available on the platform.

3. Spotify Advertising: The Users of the Platform –

As you have seen, there are approximately 121 million free users in Europe. On the other hand, what happens in Italy? In a 2017 report, states the performance of the streaming platform in our country. In 2017, 4.9 million Italian users listened to music or podcasts on Spotify. 1.2 million more users than the previous year! In 2019, however, data showed that one in ten people on Spotify.  Therefore, the premises for exploring this type of digital advertising are promising.

4. Spotify Advertising: Focus on Buyer Personas –

Spotify’s information offer has allowed it to reach a varied audience. The diversity of targets allows companies to create an ad hoc advertising message. In contrast, the users who will listen to it will be flawlessly on target. The advantage is to prevent some users from getting annoyed by hearing something they don’t want the car.

Spotify has identified five categories of buyer personas :

  1. Those who love entertainment and live shows ;
  2. Who travels or commutes ;
  3. Families with children ;
  4. The sports ;
  5. Tech and gaming lovers.


Audience who love entertainment :

Spotify is a music streaming service. The majority of its audience is passionate about live entertainment, festival, and concert lovers.

Focus on lifestyle :

As for lifestyle, Spotify highlighted that among its users, they stand out.

  • Commuters;
  • Travelers;
  • People who love to cook;
  • Food lovers – from junk food to more elaborate dishes.

This further dimensioning allows you to find points in common with your Avatar.  Knowing that commuters are inclined to listen to content on Spotify might be interesting to evaluate the response to your proposal. In addition, Spotify has clearly outlined that a large part of its users deals with food-related issues.

The Family Unit :

A further micro-target present on the platform is parents with children and married people.

The Sports Audience :

On Spotify, the fitness niche is than ever. There are fans of fitness and wellness in general. The category of runners also stands out, but also those who strive every day to live a healthy life.

Focus on Gamers and Tech lovers :

The Tech and Gaming niches are active on the platform. Spotify has highlighted the segmentation of the market with surgical precision by identifying among its users:

  • Early adopters ;
  • Gamers [whose further segmentation identified PlayStation users]
  • Smartphone and tablet users [presenting a deeper segmentation between iOS and Android users]


5. Spotify Advertising: The Three Types –

After identifying the buyer personas on Spotify, let’s talk about advertising.

The paid advertising on Spotify offers three different solutions:

  • Audio: minimum 15 seconds, maximum 30 seconds;
  • Video: Video takeover and sponsored Session;
  • Display: The classic banner Here, we find three solutions: homepage takeover, mega banner, and overlay.


6. Spotify Advertising: Audio Everywhere –

The Audio Everywhere package allows you to broadcast advertising messages lasting 30 seconds. The advertiser is free to reach the audience “On any device, in any environment and at any time of day.” As Spotify states in its Media Kit, the company also gets a clickable companion banner directly on the app. By doing so, the interested user knows your market offer with a simple touch.

Create Audio Advertising on Spotify :

As far as audio advertising is concerned, Spotify favors this transition by providing companies with experts in verbal communication. This possibility offered by Spotify is called Voiceover Request. To use it, the advertising script to Spotify Ad Studio, and the experts will take care of giving your message a new vitality. Enjoying Professional Voiceover is free.

7. Spotify Advertising Video: Sponsored Session –

Sponsored Session is an advertising solution available only on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. Sponsored Session allows you to give your audience 30 minutes of non-stop listening in exchange for watching your brand video. Subsequently, an advertising banner appears to entice the user to discover your offer.

8. Spotify Advertising Video: Video Takeover –

Unlike the previous one, Video Takeover does not remove sponsorships from the app. Video Takeover offers the user an engaging visual experience, encouraging him to take action thanks to graphic banners. Spotify highlighted that–This format boasts maximum viewability rates over benchmarkBenchmarking is the process of measuring a company’s performance against competition and industry standards—companies benchmark to analyze the sector.

9. Spotify Advertising: Display –

Display advertising is ideal for grabbing the user’s attention, thanks to attractive graphics. The following are part of the display advertising:

  • Overlay: available in mobile and desktop versions;
  • Homepage Takeover: only visible on desktop;
  • Leaderboard: only available in the desktop version.


Overlay :

Personalize the return from the advertising break with your brand message. An overlay is the only Display advertisement available for the mobile version as well. Once the Spotify app is open, the user will see your banner ad. The goal is to increase the awareness of your brand. To make that happen, Spotify guarantees viewing in full-screen mode. To stop viewing the advertising, the user has three possibilities.

  • Wait 30 seconds ;
  • Click on the X ;
  • Interact with the ad.


Homepage Takeover :

The second type of banner available with Spotify Advertising is called Homepage Takeover. This graphical solution is only available on the desktop.  The strategic position of the banner allows the Brand to capture the attention of the user browsing the home. You can insert the ACA acronym for Call to action (translation: Call to measure). A verb in CTAs …, to induce the prospect Prospect is a prospect for whom we have contact information and qualified as meeting individual criteria. In most to know your product. Homepage takeover offers visibility for 24 hours.

Leaderboard :

The latest display advertising solution is called Leaderboard. Again, it is only visible in the desktop version. The insertion of the CTA leads the user to deepen their knowledge of the product. Unlike Homepage Takeover, the ad created with Leaderboard is only visible for 30 seconds. After a few minutes, the user will see your banner again.

10. Spotify Advertising: Sponsored Playlist –

The latest type of advertising on Spotify is known as Sponsored Playlist. With Sponsored Playlist, you can Associate your Brand with Spotify’s most successful playlists. The goal is to increase brand awareness. Once chosen, Spotify suggests to you the playlists most related to your Brand. By doing so, you will immediately connect with the listeners of the playlist.

The Barilla playlist :

Talking about branding is a marketing technique used by companies to create a product or company’s desired image in the consumer’s mind. The and awareness, a striking example is Barilla. In the advertising strategy, the Italian company has included the creation of playlists. The purpose of the playlists is to accompany the customer in preparing the past, making the wait a pleasant and fun time. Barilla’s strategy is simple. Once the most used pasta shapes in Italian homes were found, the company created eight music playlists. This marketing strategy by the Italian public and helped to make the company talk.

11. Spotify Advertising: Create your First Campaign –

Outline a strategy. To create your first advertising campaign on Spotify, it is necessary to define its objectives thanks to advertising. Spotify has evolved to offer three specific and easily achievable goals for businesses :

  1. Brand Awareness ;
  2. Prominent intent to buy ;
  3. Promotion of concerts and musical content. [The latter objective to facilitate artists and record companies]


Set up Demographic Information :

At the setting level, Spotify allows you to target the audience to be reached with advertising perfectly.

  1. Buyer personas: podcast listeners, entertainment lovers, parents with children, sports fans, technology, and video game enthusiasts;
  2. Demographics: gender, age, lifestyle ;
  3. Geolocation: optimize the ad by reaching the public of a particular country or city;
  4. Time of day: Decide the specific time to air your message.


Choice of the Platform :

With Spotify, customizing the ad is easy. The platform allows you to decide in advance on which type of device to advertise.

  1. App: Your advertisement is only visible on the app.
  2. Connected platforms: allow you to view the ad on Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, car;
  3. Operating system: you can choose whether to show the ad only on Windows, Android, iOS, or all;
  4. Device;
  5. Operator.


Effective Targeting: Listening Preferences :

To achieve perfect targeting, you can influence the listening preferences of your buyer personas. By doing so, the right audience your advertising message. Campaigns that include playlist targeting generate 2.1x more purchase intent than campaigns that don’t.

Nielsen – Brand Effect On Spotify

To do this, Spotify offers three solutions:

  1. Target all music: you don’t distinguish between musical genres. Anyone can hear your message.
  2. Music Genre: Choosing from 25 genres – and more than ten sub-genres – the ad will hit a specific audience;
  3. Playlist Categories: There are 23 different categories in which to meet your audience—the best known: chill, focus/study, travel, kids, party. Many playlists concern the sports world: yoga, running, workout, and biking.


12. Spotify Advertising: The Results of the Companies –

In its Media Kit, Spotify offers an overview of the advertising results achieved by companies. With Spotify, advertisers see a dramatic increase in brand metrics globally and across numerous vertical insurance markets. As you can see, starting to get your hands dirty on the platform can produce exciting results. It is preferable to experiment with a synergy between the different types of advertising. By doing so, you can double your advertising results.

13. Now it’s Your Turn –

As you have seen, through Spotify Advertising, it is possible to reach your audience scientifically. Different targets with varied interests populate the ecosystem of the platform. Therefore, it is possible to package a correct advertising message to solicit an action in your buyer personas.

Now you have to experiment with your strategy and evaluate the response of your audience.