How Can Face Recognition Help Retailers in Transforming Customer Loyalty?

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The retailers open to experimenting and exploring newer innovations to provide a great shopping experience to their customers and work towards changing their behaviours for good are going to have a very bright future. Technology can pave the way for improving customer loyalty and ensuring that customers get the experience they expect when they visit a retail store.

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce stores have had a very negative impact on the sales and overall market standing of retail stores. It is why investing in technological innovation like face recognition app for improving customer engagement can go a long way in helping them hold on to their customers.

In addition to turning to ancestry facial recognition apps, retail businesses also use other technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) systems and artificial intelligence (AI) amongst others to study their customers’ behavior, making changes based on the findings, and keeping records of their customers and their liking. All in all, the objective of using all these technologies is to provide customers with a satisfying shopping experience. In this post, our primary topic of discussion is face tracking or face recognition apps and how they can help in improving customer loyalty over some time.

If we talk about the past decade or so, face recognition or face tracking that it is often referred to as has become the go-to technology for retail stores. It has capabilities that go far beyond what other data-related technologies can boast of. It provides information that you can use to make changes to your retail store in such a way that it makes your customers happy. If you are already a part of the retail industry or are thinking about being one shortly, you should know your customers and their requirements in the retail stores.

What Is Facial Recognition?

Facial tracking or recognition is a technology whose popularity is on the rise. It has the potential to completely change the lifestyle of people and shape the business world in the coming years. In simple terms, face recognition uses biometric technology to identify people by scanning their faces or photographs. It differentiates between people by detecting their facial features, such as jawline, space that separates the eyes, cheekbones, and more.

Why Does Customer Loyalty Matter?

Customer loyalty is one of the critical drivers of a business’s success and growth. Research done in this area has revealed that customers that are loyal to a retail store are likely to spend more time there. The more time they spend at a store, the more likely they are to buy. A significant part of what retailers sell in a month is due to the purchases made by their existing customers. So, retailers that don’t pay heed to the importance of customer loyalty and spend in this area have themselves to blame for the declining sales and loss in revenue.

As customer loyalty is such an important thing, some retailers are putting in efforts to improve their loyalty programs. And it is no surprise that technology is one of the things that they are turning to for improving customer loyalty. Amongst the most significant of all the technologies for improving customer loyalty is face recognition. Face recognition apps offer more benefits than what traditional loyalty technology does. Here are some ways that can help retailers to transform customer loyalty through facial recognition technology.

One of the best things about a facial recognition app is that retailers don’t have to specifically ask their customers to give their phone numbers or any other personal details to inform them of new products and offerings. With facial recognition, you can identify customers who have subscribed for your loyalty program. You will save a lot of time and stay away from doings that make your customers uncomfortable.

  • Facial recognition apps can help retailers to offer rewards based on a customer’s association with them. They can also keep track of the buying preferences of their customers, and help them in giving customers discounts and offers that are relevant to what and how they shop.
  • Some people shop for the same things when they visit a retail store or order the same food when they go to a restaurant. With facial recognition, you can save your customers’ time and start preparing their order or shopping basket as soon as they enter. They can make changes if they want to. But this will help you delight your customers.


Face recognition has the potential of helping retailers improve customer loyalty in many ways. Having a facial recognition app with the right features is the key to success.