All About Sliding Door Roller Replacement

sliding door roller replacement

Sliding doors are easy to operate if the entrance is wide. They are generally used to get full clearance of the entrance and normally used in garages; the main entrance leads to the curb way or places next to the gates. Sliding doors can run on tracks laid on the floor or hang from the overhead rails. One of the significant components for the smooth movement of the sliding doors is the rollers. If the sliding door roller malfunctions, the gates’ entire operation becomes inefficient, and they can often come out of the track.

sliding door roller replacement

Choosing the best sliding door roller and maintaining them can enhance the door’s life and does not burn a hole in the pocket frequently.

Choosing The Right Roller:

One should keep in mind that the sliding door’s entire load, irrespective of it running on the track laid on the ground or hanging on the overhead rails, rests on the roller. Therefore, selecting the right sliding door roller is crucial, and if needed, professional help should be taken.  Initially, it is the sliding door manufacturer who decides on the type, size, and quality of the roller; however, a little knowledge on the users’ part is also essential.

  • Steel Rollers: Sliding door roller can be of steel. When they were first introduced, the rollers were made from solid steel. They used to glide on the tracks and rails to open or close the gates. Regular heavy greasing and oiling are needed for these types of rollers’ smooth movements.
  • Steel Bearing Rollers: With the advancement of technology, the solid. Steel rollers were replaced by a heavy-duty steel ball bearing that operates much smoother than the traditional steel rollers. However, one should calculate the load-bearing capacity of these types of rollers, select them and attach them to the gates after certain intervals. If this sliding door roller is properly maintained with greasing, oiling, etc., they can last for years provided the tracks and the rails are in good condition, and there is no chance of derailment.
  • Alternative Material: With more advancement in technology, research, and development. Sliding doors are becoming lighter day by day. without compromising the toughness. The rollers are also changing accordingly. Today, one can see sliding doors made of alterative material like uPVC and toughened plastics, and the rollers are made from neoprene or chorded rubber. The material of the door that is used depends on where it is being installed.

Maintaining The Rollers:

Lubrication is one of the keys to the smooth movement of the roller. Oiling and greasing the roller and the track at regular intervals can give the rollers a lifespan of more than ten years. Changing the neoprene rollers when they have worn out can help the doors to slide without being off-track or jammed. Adjusting the bottom screws or changing the rollerblades that are chipped or broken can eliminate the operational dysfunctions.

Cleaning the tracks from the debris and rust can enhance the life of the sliding door roller. The track should be wide enough to hold the entire width of the roller; else, they can slip out.

sliding door roller replacement


It is easy to maintain the sliding doors if the rollers are of good quality. They should be greased and oiled at regular intervals for a smooth, trouble-free operation. When they have worn out due to other reasons, sliding door roller replacement with a professional sliding door expert should be a wise decision. Maintain the roller properly and enhance the life of the gate.