Reducing Churn Rate: Cardboard Boxes and the 4ps of Marketing


Cardboard boxes are the new mix for the market. However, it also leads to the 7ps of marketing solutions.

Of course, custom cardboard boxes are the core of the packaging industry. But don’t forget the business point of view of such material—the business that it leads from the raw material processing to the cardboard boxes and then the logistics.

So, add these facts to the business and reserve that for the revenues and showing off.

When we talk about the marketing mix of 7 Ps, then the first four Ps come into mind with the relation of cardboard products manufacturing. The original 7Ps revolves around:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Packaging
  • Process

The cardboard material fixes in all of these Ps. It means the right marketing is to put the right thing in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. This is the way to attract the target customers.

Custom printed cardboard boxes are the same as the flow of the blood in the body.  So, the cash flow is the life of the business. Without the correct marketing or target audience, there would not be any cash-flow in the first place.

A business will die without the start flow of cash. Marketing is like the fuel or blood for your business, and its oxygen is corrugated cardboard boxes.

First “P”: The “Product” and its Packaging in Cardboard Storage Boxes:

The packaging means understanding the process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers’ requirements and profitability. 

Your product is quite simple, and you know what you are selling. Hopefully, the product meets the target packaging and consumers.

However, the packaging should not be left all alone with the careful target boxes. Of course, you need the specific features and benefits that help you to sell your product. Then, of course, you need a size to fill the products.

Cardboard boxes can be fit for small or large products. They turn their shapes accordingly.  So, you have to play with the different styles and options to create separate product lines.

The key to developing cardboard boxes in bulk is to make sure that there is a sufficiently large enough target audience.

The most successful companies know what the customer wants to see first. Then develop the packaging to meet the needs of the customers.

So, in the first “p,” cardboard includes the products. 

Second “P” In Cardboard Includes The “Prices”:

Product leads to prices. Of course, customers will pay for the products. But that does not include the prices, but they also spend their time. So, does it consume a lot of time and effort to purchase the product?

It includes the emotional and mental prices on products to consider the additional monetary prices.

The perceived prices of the product are particularly significant when you use the customization options. When people see the product as more valuable, they will be more willing to one their wallets, and that is the more valuable area where your cardboard boxes play for the sale of products.

The packaging is the cost of the makers that impacts the prices in bulk. Cardboard material in packaging boxes allows you to reduce the prices and thus increase your profits.

Competing for the prices gives you nowhere else to go up, especially when your competitors have reduced their prices too.

When your prices are up for your products or services, you need to find the medium for a suitable price. But when you are less considering the price hike, then review the number of customers you could lose due to the price increase.

Third “P” Placement” For the Products:

This is the universal truth that we have heard many times, “right time at the right place.” This the third rule of the marketing mix, that your product should be there where your customers expect it to be.

The wholesale market does not have a fear of cardboard boxes being damaged, moist, or with dust. The place implies a physical location and online services.

Placement involves the distribution of certain products. The cardboard boxes are used in the following industry:

  • Shoe Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Shipping Boxes
  • File Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Wine Boxes 


But only placing them does not encompasses all the requirements; rather, certain things can change the perspective of the customers; for example, the color of the cardboard boxes as white.

It includes the right place where the store is put on display. It affects how people perceive your products. Cardboard material or packaging helps to achieve that target.

What you must do is to place or make your product available in the right place. For example, it could be your shop’s place in the main street market, and all you will have the location.

But your product must be liable to display with the rightful cardboard packaging. Display out of the beauty is not a good sign for wholesale, retail business.

Customers want convenience and beauty at the same time. The placement is the key to the speedy idea of the product.  They want the desired things at the lowest prices. So choosing the right place as the advertising medium is the thresh hold of your branding. But the key is finding out where to locate it.

Fourth Ps: “Promotion” Associates with Communication:

The promotion is most associated with marketing efforts. It carries the communication strategies that are used to help raise awareness about your product. It means persuasively sells your products rightfully and cheaply through cardboard.

Brands cannot guess where their products are best suited in the market. It is the packaging that influences the idea of displaying where they are safe, outburst, and attractive.

However, cardboard boxes suggest displaying products near customers or me.

One of the best ways to display cardboard boxes is to bring them out from the warehouse and then display it as a gift for the customers to buy.

This type of cardboard packaging is not just easy but also gives you the suggestion of using them as donation boxes after their retail use.

All of that promotional effort puts you in good favor because it takes less labor work and many benefits.