Benefits of using Cardboard Display Boxes

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Why is packaging done in the first place?

To attract the customers and what is the most effective way to grab the attention of the customers is to give a better display of the product while representing your brand.

Display boxes are the most innovative boxes of all the time.


How a display box is different than a product packaging box?

Display product boxes are different in the structure; they have an open front that showcases the product in the best way possible. In function, these boxes hold a large number of products in a single box that does not need individual packaging of the products.

Product display

Types of display boxes

There will not be a single thing that will cause any type of limitation and hindrance while creating custom boxes whether product packaging or presentation boxes.

  • Countertop display box
  • Stand top display box
  • Tier display box

Different display box serves different purpose according to the need and type of the product as countertop boxes, as the name tells, is used to place on the cash counters. Stand top and tier boxes are relatively larger and are placed on the floor.

Benefits of the display box

  • Better visual 

The products that are placed separately rather than with the other products, jumbled up in the aisle with millions of colorful products have a greater chance of getting noticed. Display packaging does its job perfectly because they are placed separately at the places that come in more contact with the customers. Stand top boxes place in the entrance or near the counter are more visible than being lost at the end of the aisle.

  • More attention-grabbing 

Thanks to customization, you can make these boxes according to your need and choice. Display packaging boxes offer more space and versatile ways to design. Attractive and vibrant colors, huge typography, bold patterns, and contrasting colors for logos make them appealing and brand-oriented that develops a more promising image of the brand. These boxes perfectly display the effort and seriousness of the company toward building an image of the brand and also customers’ satisfaction.

  • Instant purchase decision 

What is more boring than waiting on the counter for your turn or the bill to get done but not anymore when you have counter boxes on your counter. These boxes give rise to impulse purchase that is what all of has been doing.

Remember while waiting at the counter you see some product in attractively designed boxes that you unconsciously grab and put in your cart. It is called an impulse purchase. Do you think these boxes are placed just like that? No, there is a whole marketing tactic in grabbing the attention and creating a need for the product.

  • More informative

The bigger size of the box allows better designing that instantly grab the attention of the customers and perfectly organized amazing products increase the aesthetic appeal of the products. It is 101% sure that customers will not think twice while making a purchase. These boxes offer space for the promotion of the deals, discounts, new launches and offer more effectively and cost-effectively without any additional effort.

There are not only cardboard packaging boxes but also acrylic display boxes for more luxurious and high-end products. Options are countless; there are no limitations that could stop you from being creative and innovative with the packaging that will create an everlasting impact on the customers.

Wholesale packaging always comes at the surprise when it comes to the prices as wholesale custom boxes are the cheapest packaging boxes that are available in the market than any other alternative expensive packaging solution.