Why Plastic Printing Cards are Important for Business

plastic printing cards

Plastic printing cards are present in everyone’s life. Identity cards, credit or debit cards, or even licenses are now made of plastic. The most important reason for their popularity is their durability, size, and easy-to-carry nature, which allows them to be the best choice for almost all purposes. In addition, using a plastic printing card offers any business a chance at having customized cards as per request and at the requested time of issuance.

These printed plastic cards are usually versatile in their use and can help the cardholder get connected to the issuer’s organization structure or program quickly. Any plastic printed card is decorated with any form of text, graphics, artwork, and any other work needed to match the issuer’s creative thought.

Type of Plastic Cards

As mentioned in the previous sub-heading, plastic printing cards are versatile in their purposes and needs. Therefore, the creator’s imagination is not limited to adding graphics, text, artwork, and logos. Also, plastic printing cards can include readable information like magnetic strips or contact chips. Here are some types of plastic printed cards commonly seen in usage:

1. Custom Gift Cards

These types of plastic printed cards provide your business with the attention necessary to improve your business. In addition, due to their compatibility with more than one specific point-of-system sale, these custom printed plastic cards can be used at different POS systems with ease. Furthermore, these custom gift cards take a short time to be made and have no hidden charges, making them extremely useful for the customer.

2. Custom Shaped Die-Cut Cards

Custom-shaped die-cut cards are a great idea to personalize how a business card should look according to the business. Based on the type of business you have, custom-shaped die-cut cards can be shaped into the design of your choice. These custom-made cards are a great way to stand out from any other business.

3. Eco-Friendly Cards

Eco-friendly cards are made from recycled paper, plastic, or any other material that can be recycled. These cards have the exact measurements as cards made with the purpose of gifting and made out of specialized coated paper. There are two types of eco-friendly cards, which are:

  • Recycled Gift Cards

Recycled gift cards are a great idea to improve your business further and come across as an environmentally conscious business. With these recycled gift cards, disposing of them after use is easy and quick and does not affect the environment.

  • Paper Gift Cards

Custom-made paper gift cards place more focus on adopting eco-friendly ways of printing. These gift cards are usually made from paper stock that more or less have the exact dimensions as a gift card but do not affect the environment in any way.

4. Pre-Designed Cards

Pre-designed cards are a time-saving method of creating gift cards that do not need much design. These are usually gift cards that signify a season-based festival or everyday celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Companies can then add their logo or brand symbol for promotion.

5. Quick-Turn Gift Cards

Many small businesses hope to promote their business through these cards, although not customizable, to help provide the necessary attention for a small or upcoming business during the holiday season.

6. Metallic Cards

Metallic cards are the same as plastic gift cards. The exception for such a card is that it is available in a variety of finishes. These metallic cards provide a fresh and memorable view of your business for the intending customer.

7. Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards are a simple yet reliable technology that can be used for more than one specific purpose like gift cards, security cards, and many other similar areas. Due to this magnetic stripe, collecting necessary customer information is made more accessible. In addition, these are low cost, easy to rewrite, quick use, and hold more details than barcodes or RFID. Most importantly, almost everyone is comfortable using cards with magnetic stripes.

8. Barcode Gift Cards

Barcodes are a part of each industry that helps organize and reference catalogs, databases, and products. In addition, using barcodes make it helpful for POS integration, smooth transaction of purchases, and much more.

9. QR Code Cards

Qr code cards are the easiest and fastest methods to connect businesses with customers. These QR cards are beneficial to creating a better user experience, improved convenience, and innovative feeling for customers.

10. Reloadable Gift Cards

Reloadable gift cards are an excellent way for any business to continue the patronage of their customers while also providing them with the functionality of adding value to these cards.

11. Loyalty & Rewards Cards

Loyalty and reward cards are a great way to ensure customers come back for more benefits and rewards.  There are several types of loyalty and rewards cards for different industries and made with other materials. Some of the examples are:

  • Plastic loyalty cards
  • Custom reward cards
  • Discount cards
  • Hotel key cards
  • VIP cards, and
  • Promotional cards 

12. Wholesale Gift Cards

Wholesale gift cards are a low-budget and easy-to-use option. These cards are also helpful in promoting business as they carry the company’s logo and have the power to make a relationship with the customer. In addition, a wholesale gift card has the viability of creating bulk orders at a low cost, thus increasing the customer base and improving the business’s popularity.

Benefits of Plastic Cards

In this digitalized world, plastic cards are a lifesaver since they help in reducing the time taken for a lot of uses and applications. Moreover, the popularity of plastic cards is quite visible since many people use them and can access particular services or areas. However, the benefits majorly depend on the intended usage. What follows are some of the benefits of using plastic cards:

1. Durability

Compared to regular business cards, plastic printing cards are a better option since they are less likely to show any damages over a long time. Also, due to their resistance to water damage or fading, it is a popular choice among businesses that place a protective plastic covering over the paper.

2. Uniqueness

With a plastic card, any business would have an individualistic design that promotes them and their services. A well-designed plastic card helps create an impact in the minds of potential customers and thus helps in the growth of the business.

3. Impression

Due to the exciting designs for each plastic printing card, it is easy for customers to remember the business and thus become customers. Also, when business representatives hand out plastic cards, it makes people notice and understand that the company is unique.

4. Nice-looking Designs

Plastic cards have the same feeling as credit cards, so customers believe that the business has more worth when they look at the business card.

5. Meeting Customer Expectations

NFC-enabled plastic cards are an excellent method for allowing customers to save the business details on their phone or any NFC-enabled device. With a minimal amount of programming, business organizations can update their information for the customers.    

6. Environmentally Friendly

Plastic cards are also used as credit or debit cards, which reduces the need to carry cash. These fit into the wallet, and in case of loss, you can get in touch with the bank to make sure your hard-earned money is safe. Also, the waterproof nature of the plastic cards keeps them safe from water damage. 

Marketing through printed plastic cards

A printed plastic card is more than just handing them out in hopes of gaining a customer. With a bit of innovative thinking, there can be a lot of returns on the business investment. Here are a few ways in which any business can gain success marketing with the help of printed plastic cards:

1. Involve local help

Asking help from local businesses like restaurants or related fields can help spread the word by placing a few plastic printing cards at the entrance. Putting some of the plastic cards on the bulletin boards of an educational institution can also be helpful.

2. Using media to create interest

Viral videos are a great way to generate interest for almost anything in the current day and age. Using this trend of viral videos, companies can create videos that have the card in focus or uniquely design the business card to create a buzz for your business.

3. Mailing lists and promotional activities

Create a mailing list and send the printed plastic cards to create interest for the business. Then, with the help of discount codes, promo codes, and attending community events, there will be a lot of curiosity regarding the company and the products and services offered.

4. Promotion through product sales

Another great idea is sending out business cards with a product to the customer, which helps the business grow. 


With their variety in designs and versatile uses, plastic printing cards are beneficial for businesses to attract customers to their brand. Also, plastic printing cards can help businesses improve their customer base and engagement with people.