6 tricks to marketing a services business


When the business idea of a company is based on a service and not a material product, marketing could present some difficulties. In a business selling products, the campaign and the marketing decisions are based on the product and what it does for customers. The campaign is focused on the product and how does it solve a customer need. Instead a company, which sells services marketing, requires a new approach. Marketing strategies are no longer about the product features but about the brand. The communication, in this case, should be on you, the brand and the team who makes the activity possible. The people behind the business are more relevant when we talk about a service company, at the end, there are the ones offering the services and

Although it might seem more problematic to marketing for this business, customers are constantly looking for good services. The fastest growing companies nowadays are mostly offering services, which means the demand is high. Here are some useful tips when marketing a service company.

Stay in touch

This task seems obvious either for companies selling product and services. The goal is to be remembered by customers. The communication between company and customer is crucial to keep long terms relationship with them. As the amount of competitors is growing seems necessary to remind the customers your company is still operating. The key is the amount of communication if this is excessive the company might annoy the customers. On the other hand, if the communication is not enough companies could be forgotten and replaced by others.

Attract customers with incentives

In the case of the corporates operating with services, the incentives have a bigger impact. As we said before, the number of competitors in this sector is growing faster every year. Stand out from competitors is a difficult task, nevertheless offering special promotions or deals, is a great way to attract customer’s attention.

In most of the cases, this situation reduces the profit of the company although bring new clients in, a balance between the promotion and regular price sales is to key to success.

Use social media

Customers are constantly connected to social media platforms. To have your company take into consideration is a condition sine qua non to be part of the social media world. Once your account is set up, is important to manage customer’s enquiries as effective as possible. At the same time, the account also needs to be updated and maintained, so the content is new and interesting for customers. You can manage you social media profiles yourself or you can also rely on the services of a professional agency: there are tons of digital marketing agencies in the UK that offer both link building services as well as social media management.

Compete based on valued, not price

Competitive markets normally involve companies must compete in price; adjusting the cost of the product to the minimum in order to offer the cheapest service to customers. However, in services markets work the opposite. Customers are looking for the most value for the price experience and not just the cheapest. This characteristic is normally associated with a bad experience or a not valued service. The success of the marketing campaign will be dictated by the quality of the offer. A company who is able to offer the best valued for money would be the one ahead of the competitors.

Business cards

The business cards are still relevant for corporations. They are strongly meaningful for small companies and they are handy and easy to storage. The information in the business cards must be updated and brief, with just the information need it to contact the company. Creativity is well appreciated in the cards, as it would make it rise from the competitors.