Properties of Commonly Used Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes

When it comes to product packaging, packing tapes are essential to secure the boxes with a stronghold. In shipping operations, the role of packaging tape is pretty vital.

With so many businesses arriving in the market, companies are coming up with newer products. Newer products also mean variations in packaging. And as a packaging essential, packing tapes are available in so many varieties—each has its unique properties and benefits.

Let’s get into it.

Brown packing tapes

This is a cult favorite of all kinds of businesses from FMCG, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, glassware, and likewise. These packaging tapes are constantly in demand as they blend in with brown cartons very well.

Brown Packing Tape

They provide a seamless finish; they are robust and heavy-duty. If you own a business organization, you need to stock these up in bulk.

Transparent tapes

Used mainly by the fashion e-commerce industry and cottage industries like bakeries, these tapes are great for fastening small boxes. They give a beautiful glossy finish and are great for printing.

Online fashion and lifestyle stores usually ship their products in paper bags, mailing bags, small cartons, and envelopes. Transparent tapes are cost-efficient and can be used to print the company name. This holds the package and provides branding!

Surface protection tapes

Widely used by packing and moving companies, these can protect your items from scratches, dents, or marks. Large furniture pieces, electronic appliances are usually sealed with surface protection tapes. They are easily removable but costs more than brown tapes.

Double-sided tapes

Double-sided tapes are created by adding a thin adhesive layer to each side. A lot of customized packaging is done with double-sided tapes as it can be easily hidden from sight. It helps to create a nice, clean presentation. The tape has a widespread application in various industries. They can be in the form of paper, foam, or even cotton.

Fragile packing tape

Fragile packing tapes are usually clear and printed to display the message loud and clear. Used by companies dealing with fragile items like electronic gadgets, jewelry, glassware, etc., these tapes ensure the people who are handling the things to be careful with loading or unloading the boxes. Not only that, but fragile packing tapes also let the customer know to be cautious while unboxing the product.

Fragile tape

Hot melt tape

Hot melt tapes are manufactured with high-volume applications in mind. So, they are quite durable and offer impressive stickiness. Even under strain, it won’t lose its adhesive. These tapes work very well with cardboard boxes and cartons. You can either choose to apply them barehand or by a machine. They are usually used when a shipment is going for a long distance.

Recycled tape

If you are looking for an eco-friendlier option for your business, try recycled tapes. They come in both invisible variety and transparent. Usually made of paper or cotton, the adhesives used in them are plant-based.

However, not all recycled tapes have a strong threshold. Regularly recycled tapes cannot be used on containers of more than 100lbs. For heavier items, we suggest going for customized recycled tapes.

Vinyl tapes

Vinyl tapes are the strongest of all packing tapes on the market. They don’t budge in any situation and keep the product secured for months. The adhesives used in vinyl tapes are more robust than regular hot melt glue. Thus, the chance of product leakage or wastage is zero with these packing tapes. It is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, a few FMCG companies, etc.

What to consider before choosing a packaging tape?

Finally, before choosing your preferred packing tapes, consider:

  • Weight of the package- For heavier items like furniture or electronics, use robust wider packing tape.
  • Stability of the content- Items that have a chance to shift inside the carton can cause stress on the center seal. Secure the center with two layers of tape.
  • With of the package- Usually, the 2-inch-wide tape is used for a 24-inch wide cardboard box. Measure accordingly before ordering the tapes.
  • Transport route- If the parcel is going for a long-distance where temperature and moisture might change, use hot melt tape or good quality packing tapes from a trustworthy company like Well pack Europe.
  • Strength of the box- Heavy-duty boxes need more pressure on the tape seal. Use tapes with higher elasticity and backing strength on these boxes.