Govt Job Astrology: Your Path To Success

govt job astrology

Discussing a government job in itself is a very vast topic with the presence of certain levels under it depending on background, time, and locations, but the aspect of astrology remains the same everywhere. 

Walk with me through a brief discussion about govt job astrology, its application, and its importance in a person’s life.

Government jobs, govt job Astrology and their increasing Importance.

A Government job is known to be associated with many infringe benefits along with job security. Hence, it comes out as an attractive and promising choice of profession for many people today. 

Government jobs are widely respected and valued in India today and are viewed as a powerful symbol of permanency. With no under, this has resulted in a rise in the craze. It has increased the fascination level among the members of various communities, either lower-middle-class or upper-middle class. Even with the growth of the private sector at an exponential rate in India. 

A government job is known for the enormous benefits it offers, along with long-term stability and medical security. Hence, if you are looking for a job in the Government sector, the probability of getting a Government job in Kundali can be known by astrological calculations. 

Govt job Astrology and various aspects that will Surprise you! 

Govt Job astrology helps to find the perfect job for you while considering a plethora of astrological equations and planets involved in various sectors of the economy, namely Central, State, or Public. A calculation of each sector provides one an opportunity to get acquainted with his/her desired job through government job astrology. 

To successfully enter into the world of government jobs, one has to pass through many different competitive exams with numerous amounts of competing participants and a major battle as a result of limited seats. Therefore, when searching for a promising career as a government employee! You can start by identifying the degree of possibilities through kundali for a government job.

The combinations and strengths of various planets help in indicating one’s status in any professional field. Sun is known as the planet of prominence. It is required to connect to the 6th, 10th, or 11th house and lord while considering govt job astrology. The stronger the sun is, the easier it gets to obtain a government job.

Other planets, along with the aforementioned houses, play an important role in deciding the domain of working as shown hereafter under govt job astrology:

1. Sun  Government, PSU’s, leadership, government, public sector, politics, authority, physician, medicine, etc.
2. Moon Mother services, child, doctors, travel, fishery, marine, sailing, etc. 
3. Mercury  Accounting, insurance, media,  accounts, journalism, railway, communication, teaching, auditing, general bureaucracy, and courts
4. Venus Movies, entertainment, art, literature, textile, food, textile, jewelry, cosmetics, music, designing, etc.
5. Mars  Police, security forces, surgeon, lawyer, defense, energy sector, construction, industries, land revenue, physical activities or sports, fuel, etc. 
6. Jupiter  Charity, policy research, finance, judiciary, and religious activities.
7. Saturn Railways, service, lowermost jobs, labor issues, mining, and factory working.

Various houses depicted for interpretation of the perfect job for you under govt job astrology are: 

  • 2nd House

2nd House is regarded as the house of wealth.

  • 6th House 

6th House is regarded as the house of services. Suppose any person, irrespective of any field, has a strong 6th house. In that case, he ends up with a better chance of clearing the respective competitive exams for any government jobs. Because he/she has applied for with the use of govt job astrology. 

  • 9th House 

9th House is regarded as the house of fortune

  • 10th House 

The 10th house under government job astrology indicates and provides the profession of the native. The following table shows a quick overview of various signs, which when falls in the 10th house, helps to gain cognizance of the kind of government job suitable and advisable for a person:

1. Aries Police and security, medical, defense 
2. Taurus  Finance 
3. Gemini Communication 
4. Cancer  Water 
5. Leo Forest 
6. Virgo Engineering 
7. Libra Law 
8. Scorpio  Insurance or technology 
9. Sagittarius  Law 
10. Capricorn  Service 
11. Aquarius  Aeronautical
12. Pisces  Navy, shipping 
  • 11th House 

11th House is regarded as the house of success and gain. Therefore, if you are highly interested in giving and succeeding in competitive exams, it is essential to consider the 11th House along with govt job in astrology

Getting to know the perfect line of jobs for you is undoubtedly not everyone’s piece of cake. Because being stuck in a job you don’t love. Getting drenched with work draining you to an un-explainable extent keeps getting worse and disappointing.

SUVICH, under govt job astrology, helps you make the right decision at the right time instead of getting frustrated with a job not made for you. 

The correct selection of your job today will guide you to a peacefully happy road to success tomorrow. Choose Suvich as a source of govt job astrology and reap the benefits of it. Do let us know your experience!