7 Important Steps to take before you begin your Job Hunt

job hunt

Whether you’re a fresher or want to change your job, you are willing to start applying for jobs immediately when you decide you want to start a job. But there are few essential steps you need to take before hitting the SUBMIT button. These basic steps will make your job search smooth and will improve your chances of landing the job.
However, these steps will actually help you get hired in less time. This is the way you need to search for a job to set yourself for success.

1. Review your past success and accomplishments

While leaving the previous job, the first thing you should do to get ready to start a job search is to think about what you accomplished in the previous organization.
As you have left the job you have to polish your skills to start the career again. You can put accomplishments in your resume to highlight what your skills are. This is different from what you were assigned to do, or responsible for. And it plays an important role when applying for another job.

2. Update your resume

Some of your recent accomplishments in your last job or current job should be updated in your resume. Make sure you’re adding each and everything which defines you such as you were the “top performer,” in the previous organization.
The best resumes are clean and simple. Fancy fonts and colors are often rejected by ATS and you won’t be able to reach the recruiter. Most companies are using ATS to scan resumes for keywords to save their time. If the ATS can’t read the version of Word you’re using, it will kick your resume out before the recruiter sees it.
Check the company website to see what format is recommended or accepted by them. Take the help of good online resume builders for creating your resume. Read your resume again and again to avoid mistakes in your resume. If you’re not careful with the details of your resume, the recruiter will think you may make similar mistakes while working with them.

3. Update your LinkedIn

Put some of the key information on your LinkedIn for your job search too.
Hiring managers are checking our LinkedIn while they want to know more about us so it’s important to make sure this represents you as a professional. Mention the accomplishments in LinkedIn. Make sure you have a great photo, too. If you don’t have a photo on LinkedIn recruiters may come to an end that you’re not a real person. Updating your LinkedIn plays a vital role in the search for a job.

And if you want to make yourself unique then do the things which are mentioned below.
LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook and recruiters use it. You will be contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn and even land a job interview. Create an up-to-date profile with your work history and education. Add memberships of organizations and groups. Upload a professional picture. This is your first impression for many employers. Make it a good one.

4. Analyze what type of companies you want to work for

What type of job do you want? Recruiters aren’t going to hire you if you can’t show them what they expect.
Employers don’t want to hire someone who wishes to do any job they get. They want someone who’s targeting specific things. In LinkedIn, you view one company’s profile and other similar companies that people also viewed. You can view other companies also.
Delete inappropriate tweets and posts, untag yourself from unwanted people’s posts. Check all your social media profiles.

5. Make a list of companies

Make a list of companies you’d be interested in working for, put it in an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet.
Doing this you won’t have to come back and find these companies again when you’re ready to apply and take interviews. The minute you’re ready, start applying for the job. Most successful companies are always growing. Send them an email with your resume and why you’d love to work for them may get you the interview even if they haven’t posted a relevant job. Frame your resume as per what types of jobs you want to apply for. Sending out a generic resume for all types of jobs reduces the chances to get selected.

6. Start networking

Before you start applying for jobs and contacting these companies think about who you know already in that company. If you know anyone from that company who can help you get in touch with a couple of employers in your industry.
When you’re referred to a company by someone, the entire process becomes easy. You’ll get interviewed faster and they’ll ask easier questions and start building trust in you from the beginning itself.
Make a network list. Write down the name you can think of who might know someone who knows someone who can help you get a job and then contact them. The reality is that more and more jobs are never advertised but get spread through word of mouth or personal recommendations.

7. Plan ahead for references

References aren’t needed until it is asked by the recruiter. Provide two or three people who you can use as references and ask if you have their permission. It’s been a way you can make the upcoming job hunt process easier for yourself.
By the following steps above, you’ll achieve success in finding your dream job. It’s great to start applying for jobs but preparing for a job is also important.