Ideas for Decorating Restaurant Tables to Impress Customers

restaurant table

Nothing makes a first and a lasting impression than a well-set restaurant table. A centrepiece, well arranged, sparking conversations among companions, stunningly decorated with a touch of uniqueness, I bet anyone with an eye for good things will notice and these are your customers. Not only will it get them intrigued by your unique taste in decoration, but it will also create a memorable experience. And guess what? Chances are, they will still come back. The good thing is restaurant table decor also doesn’t have to break the bank, there is always something out there that will fit your budget. Here are some ideas shared by Casa Albergo Positanonews, a well-known restaurant on restaurant tables’ decoration that will leave your customers in awe.

You can never go wrong with flowers for a stunning centrepiece

  • Making use of seasonal flowers will give restaurant a natural clean look. Whether its carnations flowers in a clear vase or peony flowers for a soft, romantic atmosphere, seasonal flowers are inexpensive ways to light up the centrepiece if well preserved.
  • Invest in artificial flowers if you can’t go through the hassle of fresh flowers preservation. They are easy, long-lasting and you wouldn’t have to worry about rot. For instance, top your tables with vases with few drops of small silk flowers.
  • Sometimes, apothecary jars pair with pine cones, especially the glittered ones is perfect during festive period to give your customers some holiday vibes.
  • Succulent plants will always make a beautiful addition to your table. Moreover, they are inexpensive and pretty.
  • Clear vases filled with lighted branches will always make an awesome statement and a perfect way to light up both the atmosphere and mood.

Never underestimate the importance of table linens

  • Table linens are powerful aesthetics of your restaurant table, therefore, it requires careful selection. This is one thing that will make your customer feel comfortable on the sanitary conditions and reduced the background noise the table. Besides, this is what tells the customer about the quality of the dish and what to expect.
  • There are different colours, texture, and pattern of table linen. Which one to choose depends on what you wish to achieve.
  • Explore varieties of linen colour. Go for monochrome for a uniformed, clean, relaxed look, try contrasting colour for a fancy, lively look. Either you want a formal, casual, whimsical, or even romantic, mood, table linens will never disappoint you.
  • Bear in mind the theme, the overall restaurant decor and what you aim to achieve while choosing the line tablescape.

Your napkin don’t have to be boring

Creatively fold the napkins and use a holder to secure it in place. You need not buy a holder if you don’t have one. Use some floral ropes to put it in place. To beautify it more, tuck in greens, this will surely make an outstanding statement

Placemats are important as well. 

Create sophisticated table settings with different varieties of placemats. There are Wooden placemats, printed paper placemat, lace, silk, Cork Mats, bamboo that will all make the awesome decor.

These tips shared by Casa Albergo Positanonews will make your restaurant tables go from ordinary to extraordinary. However, If you know you get no time for decor management or table piece decor, get someone to manage it advises Casa Albergo Positanonews.