How to Choose Curtains to Decorate a Room


Curtains come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials that can be used to decorate a room’s windows. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair for you. But have no fear! In this brief article, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose curtains for your home or office that will help create an environment that feels like yours.

1) Consider Your Home’s Style

If you’re looking for curtains but are unsure about what style to purchase, start by considering the look of your home. Curtains in contemporary homes usually feature bold prints and bright colors while those found in more traditional homes often opt for more subdued patterns with less color variation. When choosing curtain styles keep in mind your personal taste and the feel you want to evoke when guests visit.

2) Consider Clutter 

Curtains are not a fix-all for rooms with cluttered windows, as they may just end up accentuating the problem rather than solving it. If you have drawn blinds or shades on your windows, consider replacing them with curtains. These will help to conceal the problem of clutter while producing a more decorative and aesthetically pleasing room at the same time.

3) Determine Your Needs 

Decide what you want your curtains to do before purchasing them. For example, are they an important element in protecting your home from intruders? In that case, you’ll likely want to purchase heavy curtains that block light and are difficult to see through. Are your primary concerns privacy, aesthetics, or noise reduction? For the latter two, you may consider purchasing lined curtains. These provide a layer of insulation between your home and the outside world which will help you sleep better at night if you’re concerned about noise and also maintain an air of elegance without sacrificing much on the privacy front.

4) Frames 

If you want something for your windows besides plain fabric, consider going with blinds or shades instead. You can still get acoustical benefits from these as opposed to just curtains, and they tend not to detract from the natural light factor-like plain fabric would either. Many people choose blinds because they can be raised during the day to let in light and lowered at night to provide privacy, or rolled down completely if you need a bit more insulation. Shades are also available which allow you to control the amount of sunlight you let into your home, but look less stylish than blinds.

5) Choosing Fabric

When choosing curtain fabric, consider how well light passes through it. Linen is an excellent choice that naturally allows for good air circulation while providing privacy and warmth. Be aware also that you don’t want too many heavy fabrics in one room as this may discomfort from feeling stuffy or overheated.

6) The Finishing Touch 

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful curtain fabric it’s time for the finishing touch. Consider adding decorative rings or tieback sashes that can be tied back for a more open feel when needed, or pulled closed when guests are over and privacy is desired. These may be made from many different materials such as metal, wood, or rope depending on your personal preference and decorating style. Some people like elaborate designs complete with tassels while others prefer streamlined, simple products.

7) Kitchen Curtains 

When it comes to curtains for the kitchen, they should be decorative, functional, and durable all at once. Washing your curtains after every use can result in a dingy, old appearance which will make your kitchen look much less appealing. That’s why roman shade curtains are often the best option as these tend to last a long time and can be easily removed from their window frame without ever having to touch them with water!

8) Window Decorating

Where you place your curtains on the window frame also affects their function and aesthetic appeal. Roman shade curtains are often hung at the center of the window so they can be drawn back on either side to still allow light and air into a room, or let them fall closed for an intimate feel. Balloon valances are wider than roman shades but have a similar hanging style. These typically hang in a wide curve from the top of the window to the floor for maximum insulation, privacy, and warmth.


With all of these factors in mind, you should be able to choose the perfect curtains for your home or office that will improve both the look and feel of your decor. If you’re still unsure about which style would work best for your situation consider going with neutral colors like white or cream so it’s easy to switch them out if need be. Stand back and admire your beautiful new window coverings!

Whatever you choose, make sure that it works with your space and is something you’ll enjoy having in your room. When choosing curtains in Dubai for a bedroom consider buying curtains that diffuse the light for an easier transition between wakefulness and sleep. On the other hand, if privacy is a more pressing concern than reducing noise or providing warmth then opt for heavy fabrics or multiple layers to ensure that people on the outside can’t see through even when the lights are on inside.