How to Improve Storage of Kitchen Cabinets in Columbus

Kitchen Cabinets In Columbus

Kitchen cabinets are installed in your kitchen for different purposes but the main purpose of renovating the kitchen is to improve the storage of your day-to-day kitchen accessories. There are some simple yet practical ways in which you can improve the storage of your kitchen cabinets in Columbus because a kitchen is the kind of place which has to be organized rather than just being stylish.

Kitchen cabinets are a group of cabinets installing in the form of a collection. That is the way they have to be designed. But every type of kitchen cabinet is meant to be used in a supposed direction. It means that the ingredients or the appliances have to be stored in a functional way.

Typically a kitchen is designing with four types of cabinets:

  1. Vertical cabinets
  2. Horizontal cabinets
  3. Drawer cabinets
  4. Open shelf cabinets.
  5. Spin racks

Here are some simple ways to organize these cabinets which will help you to improve your kitchen cabinetry storage in the most effective and applicable way.

Use of vertical cabinets:

The key to organizing various items in a cabinetry set is to look at the shape of the cabinet itself and store the things accordingly. This will help you de-clutter your kitchen accessories for everyday use. As far as vertical kitchen cabinets are concerned, use them to store or fit vertical items like cutting boards, serving trays, straight salad cutters, and other lengthy items in them.

The other use of vertical kitchen cabinets in Columbus is to put your rarely used appliances in them. These items make your kitchen look messy and crowded so, try to store such appliances or even bottles in the upper vertical cabinets. In this manner, they would be organizing and also be away from any children in the household.

Use of horizontal cabinets:

Horizontal cabinets are usually manufactured in the form of racks with an open-close mechanism. Such rack-type kitchen cabinets can be utilized to put water bottles, sauces, office pantries, or other gardening items in them. You can also use them to place small kitchen towels in them. A tip is to roll up the towel and place it as a roller in them.

To avoid any kind of leakage, you should use plastic sheets on the surface of horizontal racks. This will prevent water or any liquid from damaging the wood of kitchen cabinets in ColumbusIt will be helpful in the arrangement of the bottles.

Drawer cabinets:

All types of drawer kitchen cabinets are crafting as soft closing cabinetry. Nowadays they are made with thermo-foil laminated sheets in them which makes them easy and smooth to use in a run. These drawers can be used to organize delicate crockery in them.

Your plates, cutlery, and knives can be stored in the drawer cabinets for daily use. You can insert iron plate stands in it which will prevent any sort of clash in it. Drawers of all sizes are available according to their demand and utility.

Open shelf cabinets:

Almost every kitchen is designing with open shelves. If used properly, these shelf cabinets will be useful in organizing your kitchen properly. For open shelves, try to adjust your pots, spices, jars, and mugs on them. You can also use these shelves for small daily appliances without cluttering the kitchen space.

These open shelve forevermark cabinets serve you most interestingly. For some refreshing feels you can also add a little plant on the open shelves for mind relaxation and decoration purposes. When light falls on the open cabinets it brightens up the atmosphere of your kitchen. Open shelves can be framing or frameless; It is all up to your preferences.

Spin racks:

This might be a new term for you regarding kitchen cabinets in Columbus. It is the latest style of racks with wooden round boards having an iron rod attaching with at least two racks. These racks are meant to spin around which is quite modern in kitchen cabinetry solutions.

You can use them for small items like salt or pepper shakers, toothpicks or tissue rolls, etc. They are usually fitting between two base cabinets. They look amazing with the other style of kitchen cabinets.


There are several ways to organize your kitchen cabinetry functionally. Just put the right items in the right places in the right direction and have a well-organized kitchen according to your lifestyle. Take a look at your kitchen and improve your storage today without any further delay. Be creative, it would not cost you money just give it a little thought.