A Cleaning Schedule Every Overwhelmed Mom will Love


It’s tough being a parent, especially a single and/or busy mom. Motherhood should be the best-paid job on the planet but the state of the global economic conditions mothers to work. This makes household chores, such as cleaning difficult to schedule but an overwhelmed mom can always play it smart.

Cleaning in bursts

A mom that waits until Sunday to clean the house in a single go won’t be able to maintain this pace for very long. Instead of cleaning the whole house in a single day, it’s wiser to clean in bursts. When you see the kitchen floors are dirty, mop them as soon as you get the opportunity.

However, skip the worktop and clean it the next day. This way, you won’t feel tired or exhausted but the house will be clean nevertheless. The average cleaning block shouldn’t last longer than half an hour.


How many times have you caught yourself thinking that the shower cabin is dirty while taking a shower?

Instead of making a mental note to clean it later, grab a sponge and an abrasive clean the glass right away, before you take the shower. This way, you save yourself the time you would have spent cleaning the shower under normal circumstances.

The kids should pitch in

Child labor is a global problem but your children aren’t getting out of their chores because of it. Once they are old enough, they should help mom with all the simple and safe cleaning tasks. For instance, they can clean their own after you show them how to use the duster.

Furthermore, they can help you fill a bucket of water or rinse the cloth you use to clean the windows. If your kids are helpful, you can even let them vacuum but under parental supervision. For adults, cleaning is a hassle but for children, it’s playtime!

Pros do it best

While mopping the bathroom for the tenth time that week, you have probably thought that you should be paid for doing what you do. As mentioned earlier, this form of remuneration is highly unlikely but you can pay others to do the cleaning for you.

The biggest advantage of hiring professional cleaners certified in NDIS cleaning is that they are highly efficient. This means they will clean the entire home within hours. Apart from speed, pro cleaners are experiences, so they reach spots you never could accumulate muck and dirt.

Homemade cleaning solutions

Apart from outsourcing house cleaning, a busy mom can make her own cleaners to save money and time shopping for industrial cleaners. The latter is both expensive and the vast majority of labels are environmentally unfriendly.

Women are creative beings, so don’t hold yourself back, as pretty much every cleaner can be homemade. Laundry soap, glass cleaners, oven cleaners, floor cleaners, etc. are just some of the concoctions you can make on your own.

The two most used chemicals for making green cleaners are baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and white vinegar; something we all have in our home. If you wish the house to smell nice after cleaning it, then add a drop of lemon juice (or another citrus fruit) to the mixture.

Set the timer and crank up the volume

We have mentioned earlier that the average cleaning spree shouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes. Be a bit old-fashioned and set the kitchen times for half an hour to swiftly sweep the house. If you wish to enjoy the superfast cleaning spree, they play your favorite tune and crack up the volume.

In cases when other family members don’t share your taste in music, clean the house while everyone is away (husband at work, children at soccer practice, etc.). The tune you play should be energetic, such as Indie rock or upbeat pop music.

A cleaning schedule is of great help

As you have seen from our examples, cleaning can be turned into a fun activity. However, you still need a solid schedule, so cleaning the house doesn’t overlap with other everyday activities.

Moreover, keeping track of what you have cleaned when will help you determine when is the time to wash the rug again or air the beddings.

Even if you are a single mom, a cleaning schedule will help you maintain your home spotless. No matter how much you are overwhelmed with work and babysitting, you can always a 30-minute window for a short burst of energetic mopping, wiping, and dusting.

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