9 Savvy Ways for Recycling Perfectly Crafted Cereal Boxes!

custom cereal packaging

If your family eats fewer cereals for breakfast than we do, then this post is for you! Your family is not a cereal lover like other diet-conscious people who regularly consume cereal with milk without any breaks. It Doesn’t Even mean that we hate cereal. Let’s do Some interesting Hacks with cereal boxes.

It is true that cereal is healthy since there is a certain type of cereal that not only adds energy to your day but also helps you survive and accomplish your morning tasks effectively. However, if you love cereal then you’ll never run out of empty cereal packs if you’re a Crazy Cereal Lovers. As a consequence, we can recycle the custom cereal packaging.

You can reuse custom cereal boxes by crafting some cool things by recycling them whenever you pour cereal in your bowl for breakfast.

Let’s begin our Recycling Process. To begin, we’re going to recycle empty cereal boxes into the Notebook.

Micro Notebooks

Simple cereal boxes and paper sheets are all you need to make stacks of pocket-sized notebooks. All you have to do now is crop the paper sheets and cereal packs and cut them to size using scissors (2 inches by 4 inches).

Immediately after scribbling on one side of the box cardboard, inserting and setting the notebook correctly. Lastly, after you have tailor-made the book, you can use Glitter Colors and some paint to make it even cuter.

mini notebook using cereal boxes

Tags to put on Christmas gifts:

Gifts are a very popular way to send a Christmas, New Year, or any other Holiday gift around the world. By using an empty cereal box, you can craft a custom Gift Tag to add further special touches to your holiday gift.

To cut the cereal box, you only need to use a pencil to draw an oval shape on it, and then you can use scissors to level out the cardboard box. Using the thumb pins, make a hole in one corner of the tag. With a Marker, write the name of your Guest on the tag then using ribbon or glue, attach the tag to the gift.

christmas gift tags

Small Cupboard Divider

In order to create the stunning and durable Cupboard Divider, you will need a Couple of Cereal Boxes. To begin with, you need to insert empty boxes in the Cupboard Drawer to get the basic idea. So you can analyze how many boxes are you need to make the divider.

cardboard divider

Using a knife or scissors, remove the upper and lower portions of the box after cutting cereal boxes. You can customize the divider by covering it with a woody cover. You can buy these at any stationery shop and the divider is ready. Now you can divide the portions according to your need.

Invitation / Gift Cards

Use cereal packs to create the Mini Gift or Invitation Cards. We all love Invitations and Gifts. Especially when it comes surprisingly from our special ones when it’s found between the mail letter and bills.

To create small Invitation Cards you can use the Cereal box and cut the non-printed side with the sized ratio of 4 inches by 6 inches. After that, draw a straight line below the card where you can write your message and in the upright corner, you write your name and recipient address.

recycled box gift card

Creative Bookmarks:

Now this Hack is my favorite! We all love to bookmark the thing which we love and try to reread or revisit them whenever we try to open them again whether it’s a book or Chrome browser. To make a cute looking Handy Bookmark. First, you need to cut the box equally by measuring the exact size 1.5 inches by 6 inches and after that, you can create a hole in the corner of your bookmark to tie the ribbon. The ribbon helps you to reopen the book instantly where you end your reading.

Make wonderful globes

It’s unlikely that you could make anything round from cereal boxes since they’re rectangular. You can actually use a number of the strips of the box to make a globe that hangs from your ceiling. All you need to do is that you have to cut the custom cereal packaging into strips. And if you put them together in the right way you can have the globe.

cereal box globe

Boxes of Treats

Taking cupcakes anywhere without an elegant cupcake carrier can be a total nightmare! When you first learned the trick of making custom cereal boxes into treat boxes, it was pretty much the same as it is now!

Put a piece of tape or glue on the top flap of the cereal box to secure it. The long edge of the front panel should be left intact with the use of a craft knife or box cutter.

First, you need to place the tissue in the boxes and then you can place your treats. If you want to protect your treat box when it is traveling, you can secure the top with a ribbon.

Take a cereal box and make a puzzle

Got some time to kill on a rainy day and want to do something fun with your children?

The cereal puzzle is a cool activity that you and your kids can do again and again on a rainy day. A coin is made use to create interlocking edges and the grid is drawn on the top of the cereal box. This is a great activity for your kids to do again and again!

Create a theater out of cereal boxes

Having a lot of imagination makes a small theater an ideal place for children to perform shows.

A cereal box and paper puppets on sticks are tailor-made to create a mini stage for the project. In addition to providing your kids with hours of entertainment, it is a very clever idea that you will also find to be very enjoyable. An excellent way to spark a child’s imagination.

Hence, making you an artist of cereal box maker. These tips on recycling cereal boxes will help you recycle them in many different and useful ways.