What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Car Tyres?

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We often forget that tyres are the only point of contact between the road and car. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the condition of the tyres. It is vital to properly maintain your car tyres; this will not only increase your safety while driving but will also increase the life of your car tyres online. It is a fact that tyres are meant to wear out. Even the finest quality tyres will wear out eventually and have to be replaced with a new one. However, tyre maintenance plays a big role in increasing the life of your tyres, saving you money. Some basic preventive maintenance care can help provide good performance on the road.

Moving on, there is some preventive maintenance care that you can follow for everyday driving to prevent unnecessary expenditure on repairs. These tips can also help you maintain your car tyre’s health at its best and save you from compromising your safety.

Clean your tyres

By simply washing your car tyres with mild detergent and warm water. Washing your tyres from time to time is an important preventative maintenance step. Washing your tyres can also provide an aesthetic look for your car. Not only it will clean enhance the tyres but will prevent them from cracking and discoloration.

Seasonal Effects

Not many people know this but climate also affects your car tyres. You should always choose your tyres according to the climate and weather conditions of your country. The changes in climatic conditions influence life in terms of structural durability, performance, and mileage.

Tyre Pressure must stay in control

Getting your vehicle’s air pressure checked after every 2 weeks is a good idea to keep your tyres from wearing out. Do not forget to check the air pressure of your spare tyre. When driving on highways, incorrectly inflated tyres are also more likely to explode. Make sure you have your tyres checked while they are still cold. For your knowledge, the tyre pressure is usually mentioned in the driver’s handbook.


A thorough visual check can benefit in the early detection of tyre breakdown. Look for bulges, cuts, or cracks on the tyre’s surface and edge. Don’t overlook the inside of the building. Sharp and pointed material can form cracks in the tyre, which can expand over time and lead to tyre failure. A broken rim can cause tyre failure, you must check your tyre rims regularly. If you notice a nail stuck in your tyre tube, causing no harm to air pressure, Try not to take it out since the air will leak eventually. You should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the suspension and connection settings. Having your wheels aligned might assist if your car pulls towards one edge, has irregular tyre wearing, or vibrates in the steering. Steering tremors might also be caused by unbalanced tyres.

To balance the wheel, it is spun at a high speed to search for imbalances. To balance it out, weights are put to the rim. It is recommended to balance your vehicle every 10,000 miles.

Checking tread wear 

A little symbol mostly on the tyre’s outermost wall acts as a tread-wear symbol. You can find the symbol by following the tread face on the surface of the tyre. If the layer on the outside of the tyre comes into contact with the tread wear indicator, you must replace the tyre. The tyre should be replaced immediately if there is less than 2mm of tyre depth on the tyre.

Road Conditions

Your car tyres are highly affected by road conditions. People tend to ignore this fact but road conditions can be a major reason your car tyres are wearing out quickly. Rough/ abrasive, broken, unmade, or even hilly surfaces will harm your tyres and influence cheap tyres fitted life which will impact the structural durability and performance of the tyres. For rough and patchy roads, performance tyres are the best recommended tyres.

Rotation of the tyre

The most efficient way to guarantee that all the tyres get the same amount of wear and tear is by Rotating tyres. The vehicle’s powertrain in a rotating tyre is determined by rotation in front, read, and four-wheel drive.

Good Driving Habits

The tyres are frequently worn out as a result of unpredictable driving. Tyre damage is caused by quickly accelerating and hitting the brakes. As a result, drive slowly and cautiously. Careful driving practices will maximize tyre life, minimize inevitable damages, and keep you safe on the road.

The following are some of the behaviours that cause major tyre degradation and traffic accidents:

– Speeding

– Driving fast over stones and speed breakers

– Taking turns are high speed

– Driving with improperly inflated tyres

– Driving at high speed with worn-out tyres

Dos and Don’ts 

-Under and over-inflation can cause premature tyre failure

-Tyre pressure should always be maintained

-Tyre pressure should be checked with an accurate machine