5 Marketing Ideas for Driving Schools

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Writing a blog with so many potential puns and doing everything I can to avoid them will not be an easy task. It’s likely to be tiring, even tiring, but as long as you tread carefully, I’m sure Audi is fine.

And we are on the way

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, want to move from driving school to independence, or just want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your business; Here are some marketing ideas for driving schools so you don’t lose your way.

Business model

First of all, you’ll want to establish yourself as a brand, and I don’t mean that every letter “L” associated with your business should become a learning plate; what I mean is what are your best features. Do you have an exceptional approval rate? Can you offer lower rates than your competition? In other words: what sets you apart from the rest? These are questions to ask yourself, and the answer should determine your selling points. From there (spoiler alert) you can point your website, social media, and app in the direction that represents you as a driving school.

Create your application

These days, it’s not very often that a Millennial reaches into his pocket and pulls something out without a touch screen. As of 2014, mobile devices outperformed desktops in terms of internet usage, so this is not at all surprising. Getting a driving school app to make the learning experience easy, modern, and accessible is a great attribute that you should seriously consider.

Creating your driving school app has now been made easy and it comes with many additional features that appeal to the younger generation and help you run your business from every angle. These include an online reservation system, where your students can reserve and pay for a lesson space in their schedule via credit card or PayPal. A messaging center that allows you to communicate whatever information you need to send to the masses. A quiz to help students practice for their theory test. A contact form, which allows potential students to contact you in a structured way through a simple format. Lastly, you can create coupons for your students to claim discounts and rewards.

All of these functions are stored in a highly customizable and easily manageable format that you can get the most out of your business. Try it for free and judge for yourself.


Your website is where any information you offer should be available. It is a great opportunity to show your personality and express your teaching style. Having an app is a great addition as it is still beneficial to have your business accessible from all devices and in some instances (if your student is at work, for example) a desktop is still the preferred device. Many websites provide templates that you can use to ensure a neat, organized, and useful design.

Social media

Social media is something you should be doing. No ifs, and, or buts. It’s free, you’re in full control, and when used correctly, it targets only the people you need. Let me set out a scenario: a 17-year-old student of yours just passed her exam and you take the required picture of her holding her certificate while standing in front of her car. Another for the gallery, excellent. But why stop there? Through her Facebook page, you can tag her, congratulate her on her success so that all of her friends see it, that is, all of her friends see the photo of her AND that she passed through you. I have seen these types of images have more than 100 likes and, to begin with, a considerable amount of shares and comments. That’s a lot of traffic linked to your page, many of whom are teens looking to start driving shortly. Be sure to use Twitter and Instagram, as well as Facebook, tailoring content to suit the platform when necessary.

Business letters

As good as the digital age has been for driving school marketing, let’s not forget the basics. Business cards are a simple investment that comes hand in hand with word of mouth. There are so many situations where having a simple card with your details can seal the deal. So make sure you always have them on hand to provide to your students; you never know if they have a friend who hopes to hit the road soon.


More and more instructors are looking to escape the expectation of being part of a driving school and want to do it their way. Me The part of this is that you have full control over, well … everything. Don’t let this put you off and it can become your greatest strength. Use these ideas to point you in the right direction, and most importantly, have it your way with your style.