Bathroom Renovation 101: Luxury Edition

Bathroom vanity

Bathroom spaces are probably one of the best spaces around the entire house. The best place to relax in a bubble bathtub with amazing scented candles spreading their aroma around the entire room, the best place to get ready for the day, with every product ready to be used on the bathroom vanity, the best place to read your book when the noise outside is just too much to handle.

Since bathrooms aren’t just for the use they’re generally associated with, their outlook and view of your bathroom must certainly be aesthetically pleasing. So when it comes to bathroom remodeling, what are the things that could greatly make or break the panorama of this space? Fixtures, Lighting, Color scheme, etc. Still, however, one of the major pieces the eye is immediately drawn to is the Vanity. And thus, they need quite some consideration when choosing one. There are factors that would affect greatly enabling you to find your ‘the one’ in the wide variety of bathroom vanities.

As comfortable and cozy bathrooms are, it is important to maintain as well as renovate them when need be.  So, today with Bliss Bath and Kitchen,  here is all you need to know about bathroom vanities when remodeling your bathroom.

Factors to think upon when looking for the right bathroom vanity pick

Color scheme

A color scheme is an arrangement or combination of colours, especially one used in interior decoration. Colors of similar shades and hues portraying similar vibes, emotions or aspects are grouped together. Color scheme groups include popular options like pastel, coral, bright, dark, cool, warm etc. Commonly, pastel options are the best for minimalistic bathrooms. However, there are also much bolder styles like modern which is filled with bright colors, geometric patterns and modern art and gothic style which comprises of dark colors like black, grey, brown etc. When it comes to color scheme in context to vanities, it is important to match shades or pick similar pieces. For example, if you have a pink and white scheme, which represents a soothing, sensitive and feminine aura, go for contemporary styled, marble design, white, soft pink and pastel bathroom vanities. There are options like traditional, modern or contemporary pieces.

Aesthetic Type

Once again, this factor is also subjected to the aura your bathroom would portray. With the amount of aesthetics and the choices, it is an essential factor that must be contemplated. Here are all the styles you could pick from according to your choice and aesthetic.

  • Contemporary Style Bathroom.
  • Eclectic Style Bathroom.
  • Modern Style Bathroom.
  • Traditional Style Bathroom.
  • Asian Style Bathroom.
  • Beach Style Bathroom.
  • Craftsman-Style Bathroom.
  • Farmhouse Style Bathroom.
  • Rustic Style Bathroom
  • Celtic Style Bathroom

Functionality and Practicality

Despite how important it is for your vanity to add to the beauty and view of your bathroom, it is just as important for it to be practical and functional. Factors like space, requirement of drawers, number of cabinets should also be considered. Usually, the space the bathroom vanity would take up, the material it is made of,

Matching Accessories and Fixtures

The last step would probably be to get some matching bathroom accessories, like soap dishes, lamps, etc. Also pay attention to the kind of electric outlets and fixtures that you will put up and choose good lighting.

 And there you go, you know all you need to know about remodeling your bathroom!