What are the advantages of an Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training suit

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been growing in popularity with the fitness community. Known for its intense workouts and fast results, many persons have been flocking to facilities that provide EMS. While extremely effective, EMS does have its limitations. First, you have to go to a facility that provides electrical muscle stimulation. It’s not something that you can do on your own or at home. Second, the electrodes that provide the pulses for the muscle stimulation restrict your movement, limiting the type of exercises you can do. The electrical muscle stimulation training suit seeks to alleviate all of these problems with its wireless technology. Let’s take a look at how.

Wireless EMS training suit allows for free movement

Conventional EMS connects to your body through pads that contain electrode pads. These pads pass the electric current through to your muscle, causing it to contract. Depending on the muscle group you want to target, your trainer will place the electrodes in the appropriate area. An electrical muscle stimulation training suit is completely wireless and targets the majority of the body’s muscles. This allows you to easily train without the disturbance of wires about your body. It also allows for more complicated training exercises that would have otherwise been hindered by the electrodes’ wires. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate more complex and intense workouts into your session.

Anywhere and anytime because of the Electrical Muscle Stimulation training suit

With many exercises, a large issue, especially with persons who are extremely busy, is finding the time to go to the gym or facility that houses the equipment. With an EMS training suit, the equipment can easily come to you wherever you are! Sometimes, depending on your trainer, it can also be done at any time that is convenient for you. There are no wires or equipment for your or your trainer to log around so, it’s incredibly easy to facilitate your training sessions. Get the ability to train by the beach, a park or even in your own home. The convenience of the wireless trainless suit cannot be missed.

Controllable pulse generator

Most wireless suits have a built-in pulse generator. This connects to a mobile application on a smartphone which is controlled by your trainer. Depending on your needs, physicality and goals, your trainer will be able to adjust the intensity of the electrode. This customisability feature means that every work is suited just for you and will never be damaging or ineffective.

Apart from benefits of the electrical muscle stimulation suit, remember that on its own, EMS is an extremely effective method of working out. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Muscle definition
  • Reduced strain on joints
  • Increased strength
  • Reduction of fat and cellulite and overall toning of body
  • Reduction of recovery time between workouts
  • Improved metabolism

Wireless EMS suits are a great option for persons looking for more flexibility with their exercise times and locations and more free movement in their physical training sessions. It’s perfect for the busybody on the go or any athlete who’s committed to their training. 

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