Places to Visit in San Francisco to Experience Its Nightlife

San Francisco

San Francisco has always been prevalent in the bucket list of every traveler. It’s because not only one but a plethora of characteristics define the beauty and elegance of this place. If you are a party animal, then this place is certainly apt for you. There are loads of things which you can try out at night here! The place is never sleeping, and so, whenever you step out in San Francisco, even at midnight, you are going to have the finest experiences! 

Are you looking forward to having the best time here? If yes, apart from booking your plane tickets to San Francisco, you must also prepare a separate itinerary to enjoy its nightlife. You are surely going to fall in love with this charming and quite alluring location! 

Read on to know more about the most favored places that you can visit to experience the best of San Francisco’s nightlife: 

Alcatraz Night Tour

Alcatraz Island is considered to be one of the most famous tourist attractions present in San Francisco. It’s quite famous for experiencing the best of San Francisco’s nightlife. It is a historic island that offers abundant opportunities for travelers to dive right into the history of this place. Also, while being here, you can learn more about the various criminals who were imprisoned here during the bygone era. 

Alcatraz served as a federal prison during the tenure from the 1930s to 1960s. This makes it a place associated with an intriguing history. You can start with the Alcatraz night tour and visit those places of the prisons, which are usually closed for public access during the daytime and spend your holidays. Anyone who is up for a little scare should definitely be a part of this hair-raising tour! 

Consume at your best in the Chinatown

If you are a foodie and want to have some fun while eating the best delicacies, you should visit Chinatown. It is considered to be a mini-metropolis and is crowded with a plethora of people having the best time of their lives! While being here, you shall witness an array of souvenir shops and crowded streets! 

However, during the night, this place becomes the vice-versa of the daytime’s scenario. It looks no less than a paradise at night! The streets are quite relaxed, and the restaurants are quite energetic. You are surely going to have a lovely time with your group of friends here. Do not forget to try out the very scrumptious Dim sums here! 

Enjoy the finest cocktail at the Theme Bar

Theme Bar is one of the most highly demanded places to hang out with your friends at night! The aura here is magical, and you are surely going to enjoy it with your heart out loud at the Theme Bar. Your nightlife in San Francisco surely stays unfulfilled if you haven’t yet paid a visit to the most amazing Theme Bar. 

There are various bars associated with the different themes for every kind of traveler here. Whether you want to get a bar for the writer-themed bars, Speakeasy bars or the Tiki bars in San Francisco, you can get it all here! Here, you can enjoy it to your utmost with no hassle or shortcomings. 

Pay a visit to the exquisite museums

Do you want to indulge in a quite unique way of witnessing the museums in San Francisco? If yes, then what’s better than experiencing their perfection at night? There are a lot of big and small museums here which are known to considerably host various night events! You can witness the same. 

On mentioning one of the most famous events held here, it is none other than the very intriguing Exploratorium at Night.

It is a monthly event that turns into a science experiment! While being here, you are surely going to feel good by becoming a kid again. The events are organized during the first Thursday of every month! You need to book your tickets well in advance for the same since this event is highly demanded. 

Experience Cruising

One of the best things that you need to include in your itinerary after booking your plane to San Francisco is none other than cruising! To experience the best of San Francisco’s nightlife, you should not forget to cruise along the bay. The whole experience is highly pristine, and also, it is the best way to spend some time with yourself or your other half. 

San Francisco is all lit up during the night, and the best way to adore the same is cruising! You can contact the Red and White Fleet there, and they would plan out the whole cruising tour just for you. You can have snacks and drinks here while enjoying live music and witnessing the real grace of the city during Twilight! 

Cable Car Riding

If you are thinking of riding a cable car, then you must know that it is the finest and most iconic activity to try here! Witnessing the whole lit city via the cable car is surely a blessing to your eyes! Also, as noted, hopping on a cable car at night is surely less crowded than in the daytime. 

The cable car rides in San Francisco are facilitated up till midnight. Thus, you can plan your day accordingly and take some time during the night for this unusual and highly adventurous activity. This shall surely prove to be a fun and frolic filled experience for you. You can enjoy it after your dinner and drinks!

Bottom line

Not only the ones mentioned above, but San Francisco has a plethora of other things as well that you can enjoy during night time. If you want to save huge bucks on your booking of flight tickets to San Francisco, you can directly get in touch with MyTicketsToIndia. Its experienced professionals have got exclusive discounted flight deals for travelers. With MyTicketsToIndia, you are surely going to travel in luxury and that too under your budget! Time for you to wait no more and plan out your tour to the amazing San Francisco.