Charming Provence: 7 Places to Fall in Love With France


The charm of Provence strikes and impresses. The rich history of this region, combined with amazing architectural monuments of all eras, interesting museums, beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, cozy villages, and cities all amaze travellers. Provence is beautiful at any time of the year, making it a great destination for your trip. 

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Roussillon is a small but amazing town. Officially, it’s one of the most picturesque places in France – all the houses located here have different shades of red. Roussillon is famous, first of all, for the rocks with ochre, which at one time brought money to the region. 

This is a unique and absolutely incredible place where you seem to be moving on Mars! It contrasts beautifully with the greenery of the forests and the azure Provencal sky. By the way, Roussillon is the venue for interesting events, including the city ​​fair every Thursday, flower carnival in June, String Quartet Festival, and Book Fair.


Goult is not as popular as other cities and towns in Provence, but this is precisely its advantage. This has allowed it to maintain its authenticity. In the old part of the village, you will see many houses with pastel facades and green squares. Also, signs will lead you to interesting places

The main attraction of Goult is the restored Jerusalem Mill, which offers breathtaking views. Not far from the mill is a farm museum. While visiting it, you will get acquainted with the region’s history and learn how to cultivate the soil.

Every tourist should definitely take a walk through the magnificent local gardens, which will leave a lasting impression. This place is famous for various cultural events, for example, the festival of culture and crafts, the celebration of honey, and the jazz music festival. By the way, the local fair takes place on Thursdays.


Cassis is a paradise on the Côte d’Azur. Located 20 km away from Marseille, it was once a fishing village, but now it’s an amazing resort surrounded by two mountain ranges – Calanques and Cap Canaille. The purest air coming from the picturesque cedar forests is one of the main features of Cassis. At the same time, beautiful dense vineyards complete this amazing landscape. 

Cassis is the right place to stay for a couple of days and explore the local attractions. Plus, a considerable number of authentic cafes, restaurants, and beaches will allow you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere of joy and relaxation. 

Also, Cassis is the venue for many cultural events, including the Pottery Fair, the Sea Festival, the Wine Festival, and the Spring Festival.


This tiny village covers one of the picturesque slopes in the Vaucluse department. From here you have a breathtaking view of the city. So, while visiting Gordes, you will find yourself in the old part of Provence with cobblestone streets and small passages between buildings. 

Gordes borders the famous lavender plantation, which makes this village one of the most beautiful corners of France. Another highlight of the village is the Sénanque Abbey located in the middle of a plantation. 

Also, you can visit the nearby Bories village. What is it famous for? All of its households were built using dry stone construction techniques.


Lourmarin belongs to one of the picturesque villages of Provence. This is a quiet and cozy place, surrounded by magnificent vineyards and olive trees. Also, it offers many restored buildings and cafes, which allows tourists to admire the magnificent views and enjoy the local cuisine. 

The pride of this place is the Château de Lourmarin, built between the 12th and 16th centuries. Here you can take a tour and have a picnic.


Ansouis is a tiny, amazing village nestled in the Luberon mountain range. It looks like a smaller copy of Lourmarin. A feature of Ansouis is a huge castle with a beautiful observation deck. 

Not far from the castle is the Extraordinary Museum. Here visitors can see a collection of original things that were produced or found by its owner. The Museum of Arts and Crafts is no less attractive. Located in the vineyard, it reveals a lot of interesting things about winemaking.


Bonnieux differs from the rest of the French villages by its rather severe appearance. Just imagine, the highest castle walls rise above the road, and the streets themselves look like fortress walls with stone four-story facades. This place is very interesting in terms of authenticity and special atmosphere. 

The hill that hosts Bonnieux offers stunning views of the surroundings. In addition, there’s the Bakery Museum, where everyone can get acquainted with the technology of baking. Also, not far from the village you will find a cedar forest with various hiking routes designed for all travellers, including those with disabilities.

So, Provence is an outstanding place. Its iconic sights confirm the uniqueness of this region, so don’t miss out on exploring it during your trip to France!