The Beauty of France: 9 Charming Destinations in Provence


With a variety of landscapes and art miracles, France is one of the best holiday spots in the world. At the same time, the French region of Provence is the country’s most popular destination among travellers. It’s all about its beautiful mountains and plains, romantic cities and the warm sea around. 

Are you planning to visit Provence? Then check out the list of its most iconic cities. You can plan a trip for any time of the year, but Provencal places are especially romantic during the lavender bloom.


Nestled in the Luberon Natural Park, this city strikes the imagination for its pristine beauty. Cobbled streets, stone houses, and a majestic castle as a culmination are the main decorations of Gordes. The city is home to several famous artists inspired by the sun-scorched vegetation and steep cliffs that surround it. 

Interesting sights and events in Gordes include the Paul Mara Museum, the ancient Bori settlement, and the summer music festival. 


Known as the “First Duchy of France”, Uzes is a romantic and quiet town steeped in medieval sights. Its main difference from similar cities is a great tribute to history. For example, Uzes still has a duke living in a real castle surrounded by cobbled streets with flowering gardens and medieval houses. 

Perhaps the city’s most significant landmark is the Pont du Gard and an ancient Roman aqueduct that runs through all the nearby villages.


This is an incredibly beautiful village in a valley near the Luberon ridge. Its main attractions date back to different eras – a Neolithic cemetery, the remains of a Roman city, a Renaissance castle, and quaint stone houses from different centuries. 

Lovers of art and literature will have a great time in Lourmarin, as the city has several great art galleries. Gourmets will be amazed by the authenticity of local cafes and bistros.


The second-largest city in France, Marseille has an ideal location on the Mediterranean Sea with many sights that will blow your mind. Although not the most popular destination, it’s a great stopover on any itinerary around Provence. 

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Together with Goult, Roussillon is the most popular destination in the Luberon region. The city rises on a cliff, which offers gorgeous panoramas of lavender fields. At the same time, brown rocks perfectly complement the mountain vegetation, and well-preserved 17th and 18th-century houses. 

Over the years, local views have inspired artists that have contributed to the opening of 15 galleries in the city. In addition to exploring Roussillon itself, you may be interested in cycling tours around the village and the entire Luberon Valley.


This cozy town is a must-see on the list of the best Provence travel destinations. It’s famous for its sun-warmed medieval walls, richly decorated fountains, and one of the country’s oldest triumphal arches. It has been preserved since Roman times and is one of the places that inspired Van Gogh to some of his most famous works. 

While living in this corner of Provence as a patient of a local clinic, he painted “The Starry Night”, the series “Wheat Fields” and numerous paintings of roses, irises, and forest trees.


Situated on a steep ridge next to the dazzling canyons of the river Nesque, Venasque is one of the most beautiful villages in all of France. In addition to easy access to the rocks, the village is good with picturesque houses, fortress walls, medieval churches, and one of the oldest temples – the Venasque Baptistery

Apart from the traditional Provencal beauties, Venasque is famous for its cherry and grape industry. Local farms grow organic fruits that are great to savor under the hot Mediterranean sun.


A list of the most beautiful cities in Provence can’t do without Avignon – the region’s cultural capital. With stunning chapels and churches, the city was once the center of the Christian religion. Yes, the Palace of the Popes especially stands out among the most gorgeous constructions in the city. This is a real architectural masterpiece with turrets visible from afar. 

Historic buildings greatly complement the landscape with the calm waters of the Rhone River and the famous bridge. The world-famous theater and music festivals are also great reasons to visit Avignon. If you want, you can visit the Côte du Rhone vineyards as well.


Lovers of antiquity and those who miss the magnificent landscapes will be indifferent to L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Some will say that Provence is full of amazing landscapes, but beautiful views are what we are always looking for! 

In addition, the town hosts traditional Sunday markets and an antique fair. People who are not interested in the art and heritage of past eras can visit French cafes, shops, or even book a boat trip along the lovely local canals.

Summing it up, Provence is one of the places that you must visit at least once in your life. So, plan your trip and use this article as a mini-guide to the most amazing destinations in the region.