5 Best Family Vacations in the World


Are you planning a holiday during the kids’ summer vacation? Or are you keen on traveling at Christmastime? Be it any time of the year; you’ll undoubtedly want to vacation someplace that offers fun activities for kids as well as adults.

With countless places worldwide offering family-friendly attractions, picking out a few outstanding ones is undoubtedly challenging.

Here are the 5 best family vacations in the world:

  1. The Australian Outback

How about beating the unbeaten path for holidaying with family? Conjuring Australia’s incredibly iconic images to the remaining world, its outback is a barren expanse of ochre-colored soil and home to rare species of flora and fauna.

While visiting the town of Alice Springs, the outback’s capital, kids will love getting up close with kangaroos at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, which rehabilitates injured as well as orphaned kangaroos.

Extending several kilometers beneath and above the earth, Uluru, a huge, prehistoric, sandstone monolith, becomes a spectacle at sunrise and sunset, as it changes from yellowish-orange to glossy and bright orange and then to a deep red.

Make sure to visit aboriginal art centers bordering the Simpson Desert, such as Santa Teresa, well-known for the local artists’ elaborate and multicolored works.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Packed with stunning beaches, tree-covered, volcanic mountains, scenic lakes, magical temples, and exemplary rice paddies, Bali attracts families from every corner of the globe. This Indonesian island is also home to Green School, a world-famous, eco-friendly, and innovative campus that conducts family camps, during summer holidays, in its beautiful, forested neighborhood.

The Green Camp provides delightful, bunk-bedded bamboo huts, a dining room, and public showers. Exceptionally healthy food awaits you here, what with the outdoor camp’s kitchen serving salads, grilled tofu, and lentil pancakes! Bali’s loveliest bunch of zealous youth will teach you the island’s traditions and eco-community living.

Look forward to tree climbing, spotting chameleons on a night safari, and constructing a raft together and then using it for an enjoyable river float.

  1. Rajasthan, India

This Indian state, holding a vast expanse of the Thar Desert, is best to visit from November till February. Popular worldwide as the “Land of Maharajas”, Rajasthan is full of majestic forts, palaces, impressive dunes, and serene lakes. Feel like royalty, exploring the land’s outstanding beauty through a luxury train!

If you want to indulge in the world-famous camel fair hosted by the sacred town of Pushkar, make sure to be here in 2020, between the 22nd and the 30th of November.

Last but not least, savor the state’s rich and unique traditional cuisine, such as “Dal Bati Churma” which is hard wheat rolls dipped in purified liquid butter together with spicy lentils, pulses, and sweetened, mashed unleavened bread, and “Lal Maas”, which is mutton cooked in a hot and spicy gravy.

  1. Scotland, UK

Packed with lochs (lakes), scenic mountains, camping grounds, fairytale castles, and captivating islands, Scotland makes a unique vacation destination in the United Kingdom (UK). From buzzing hip cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh to serene country getaways, you’ll always have tons of things to pick from.

Drive around the Scottish Highlands, admiring the beautiful, mountainous landscape, gushing waterfalls, and scenic lochs. If you’re planning to take your vehicle for the road trip, look for a good-quality jimny roof rack to carry your camping gear.

Savor traditional Scottish food like Haggis, a minced sheep preparation, and Scottish tablet, which is a crystallized mixture of sugar, butter, as well as thickened milk. Indulge in the Highlands’ local festivals, listening to traditional bagpipe music, the pride of the country.

  1. Japan

A fun and safe destination for every age group, Japan offers countless family-friendly activities like attending sumo wrestling tournaments, exploring amazing castles, riding in high-speed bullet trains, visiting the world-famous Tokyo Disneyland Theme Park, and dressing up like the samurai.

Don’t miss out on “sushi”, a traditional favorite food of Japan, which is small rolls of vinegared rice garnished with vegetables or seafood. At the temple town of Nagano, enjoy practicing sumo wrestling and children-friendly ninja warfare.