How to Pick the Best Platform for Your Virtual Conclave?

Virtual Conclave
Virtual Conclave

Virtual ConclaveReaching the maximum audience with your ideas and knowledge was not that troublesome in the past. Speakers happen to conduct seminars and lectures to share the knowledge they have. Now in such a pandemic time, such gatherings can be difficult but not impossible.

In this digitalization era, you need to conduct a virtual conclave. It is a meeting that the speaker hosts to share the knowledge with the audience. This meeting offers live interaction and engagement tools, for instance, educational lectures, etc. 

All you need to do is plan what you want in your event. Decide which is the best platform that fulfills all your requirements. There are countless online solutions available to confuse you, but you need to be more careful and clear about what you need. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful for you to choose the best virtual event company for your conclave.

8 Tips to Choose the Best Platform for Your Virtual Conclave!

  • Don’t Fall for the Appearance, Check Out the Ratings!

It is normal to get attracted towards the designing and way a virtual AGM platform showcases its features and services. But you have to be more careful in order to find and pick the best and most valuable solution for your event. So, start with the ranking and ratings. 

Check the top-rated virtual event platforms online. You can find 10 to 20 names. Just sort them based on their features and prices as budget is also a crucial factor that you must focus on. Shortlist the top-rated, budget-friendly, and advanced technology platform.

  • Find an Easy to Use & Accessible Virtual Conclave Platform

You must seek and pick the one virtual AGM platform that can be easy to use. The most complicated registrations and logins are the main reasons why most of the audience do not register, or even if they enroll, they do not log in on the event day. So, it is crucial that you find a solution that can provide you & your audience with an easy-to-use platform for better hosting and interactive participation.

Keep hassle-free accessibility as the priority in your virtual event platform search.

  • Offer Customization & Personalization Option

Every event has its own needs so, make sure that the virtual AGM platform that you choose gives you the freedom to customize. You can design the complete ambiance as per your thoughts. Choose the number of booths and banners you want to display in your virtual event. Decide which product to exhibit in which booth. 

Keep your plan ready for what you want, where and what you do not need to add in your virtual conclave, and pick a platform that gives you the personalization to do it.

  • Compare the Interaction & Networking Tools Thoroughly

Your audience will stick to your event if they get answers to all their queries right away. So you have to make sure that your selected virtual AGM platform provides better interaction tools. You must add real-time chat, call, and other query options by which participants can reach you for solutions. 

Also, it is very vital that you & all the participants get the option to connect with the one who has similar interests and other businessmen. So, make sure you pick the virtual conclave platform that provides you with AI matchmaking and business card access. 

  • Check for the Available Engagement Tools

It can be hard to get the maximum audience to your virtual AGM, but the most troublesome is to make them stay at your event. So, you may need some entertaining and engaging tools that can keep their interest in your virtual conclave. It requires you to reach a more featured platform that can serve you with the best tools.

The most popular ways to engage the audience at the events are gamification. You can provide some games as per your targeted audience’s interest. Also, you can add leaderboards to make the game a little competitive and fun. 

  • Look for the Breakout Rooms

Speakers may have some group tasks to engage the audience and see if they understand the topic well. Such activities require splitting the audience into small batches, which is possible with breakout rooms. It is a feature that meeting experts use to make small groups in a virtual event. 

This feature gives access to the attendees to see each other and communicate within their groups. The host can visit every group in order to check on the attendees. Also, by reaching the best virtual AGM platform, you can access chat messaging, whiteboard, and screen sharing for interactive work.

  • Support Real Time Meeting & Pre Recorded Webinar

It can be challenging for speakers to give their lectures and answer the audience’s queries simultaneously, which requires a perfect solution. That’s why you must look for a virtual AGM platform that can provide you with an option to play your pre-recorded video and chat live with the audience. This way, you can answer the audience’s questions in real-time without hassle, which can benefit your public image. 

Also, they must have a real-time meeting option so that you can share live views for some of your virtual event sessions. Look for a virtual conclave platform that can provide you with both features concomitantly so that you can do it as you want.

  • Provide Detailed Data Analytics

You need to analyze the success of your virtual AGM, for which you need to measure and compare all the factors. 6 Pointers that can help you in the better analysis are as follows:

The count of registered people and attendees

The simplicity of platform navigation

Speaker or session with maximum interaction

Virtual booths that were engagement hotspots

Count of downloaded content

Information shared by the attendees

Make sure you pick a virtual AGM platform that will provide you with detailed analytics. It will help you know what you want for your next event and whatnot.

So, these are the various tips that can be helpful for you to pick the best platform for your virtual conclave. You must check for these features, then only you should select the virtual event solution for your event. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to pick the best virtual conclave platform.