Navigating Staff Augmentation- Enhancing Your Development Team

Staff Augmentation

If you are facing a hiring problem then staff augmentation is the best approach. It is the process in which companies hire external professionals temporarily just to boost or enhance their existing team. So if you want to implement this in the context of the development team, a few key points you have to take care of are listed below.

Identify The Skill Gaps

As you have an existing team, evaluate their skill gaps and identify what external expertise is required. Try to identify whether the skill gap is temporary or permanent as it will affect your hiring process also.

Set Clear Objectives

In your head, the objective must be clear before hiring an external team. This means if in case any project requires some advanced skill that your team doesn’t have then in that case staff augmentation is the best thing that you rely on just to make sure what the requirements are and what type of source you need.

Approach Right Model

Three types of models exist in Staff augmentation which are onshore, offshore, and nearshore according to your project or team requirements you make decisions, to not get confused about what suits you best and where, let’s understand these three


When you hire an external team in the same country as you. It has many benefits like no time and language barrier, and the same working culture as your team has.


The second one is offshore in which you hire an external team but from a distant country. This is common in multinational companies or startups. The advantage is in this type your business is open for 24 hours.


This team is from the same country or a neighboring country. It includes many advantages like time zone, working culture, and many more but if you have a team from outside your country then it has some disadvantages like cost and your working pattern.

Reliable Vendor

Before considering any vendor must take a look at a few key points like their review, previous experience, clients’ testimonials, and the skill set of their staff. All these things play a vital role in your organization’s success.

Give Feedback

Try to maintain the feedback process with augmentation staff and in between your team. This also helps in identifying an area of improvement and gives a chance for future engagements.

Knowledge Transfer

Facilitate knowledge transfer between the augmented and internal teams to ensure a smooth transition of work or tasks.

By carefully planning, communicating effectively, and choosing the right talent, staff augmentation can be a valuable solution for extending development teams and overcoming hiring challenges.

How To Choose An Outsourcing Software Development Team

The outsourcing process is the same as the hiring process. People say it is risky, but if you think risk is also involved whenever you hire a new employee, I think it is more risky as compared to outsourcing.

So to cut down your risk thought process follow some guidelines before opting for a development outsourcing company that are mentioned below.

Do Proper Homework

Whenever we hire a third party to fulfill our requirement it is just like an extended version of our organization so it is very useful to do proper research wherever you are going for staff augmentation. The few things you should keep in check like their previous works, their reviews or feedback, and clients’ testimonials as they speak a lot.

Skilled Team

When you decide to hire a staff augmentation service do proper research on their clients if their portfolio has some repeated clients for the long term it shows their expertise in work.

We can say it is a positive point if you find this kind of agency just go for their expertise. They have the capabilities to work on any project and easily tackle your client’s requirements as they are skilled in their particular field.


Effective communication plays a very important role in outsourcing. Make sure the team you are going to hire is fluent in whatever language your clients need. As it is the only way through which it creates a strong relationship. Look for a team that is proactive in providing updates and seeking clarifications.


Trust is very crucial, if you trust your outsourcing partner things work better. In starting do not pressurize everything at once by thinking they are not part of your team.

Treat them like your colleagues and you will see things start going better as from both ends people are open to sharing problems and their solutions following this result will surprise you.

Parting Words

To compete in this time it is very important to have new skills, new technologies, and every modern change that is occurring in day-to-day life. These all things can be easily accessible by the outsourcing agency without wasting a hefty amount of time and money.

We all know it is not a simple thing but once you knock out the correct one, things will go smoothly for the lifetime of both the organizations.