The Importance of Images to Social Media


Ever guessed the attention of span of people on social media posts? If not, there here’s the answer! The attention span of most of the people searching posts on social media is nine seconds. When the social media posts consist of just words, the attention span might reduce further. This is the area where adding images to your social media posts could be of great help, not just for the companies but for the customers as well.

These days, we have amazing applications, such as Connected India, etc. This application is designed with a user interface that allows people to upload an infinite number of images to their accounts. Scientifically, our brain is more focused on visualizing things that have something unique to them. This is the reason why we, humans, can visualize hundreds of images at an incredible speed.

Our brain is designed in a way that it can recognize a familiar object in 100 million seconds. The object need not relate to our family or friends. Rather it has something that we like or love to follow. This way we can easily visualize the images instantly that have something of our interest. Nowadays people don’t give much time to a post. Hence, if the post has an image attached, it can communicate 1000 words in a short span of time.

Helpful to Organizations

Social Media is home to all the users. It is a crowded space. If things are executed in the best way, it can help companies to grab the attention of millions of potential customers at once! A social media post with images is ten times more efficient than a post with just written content. As our brains respond quickly to attractive things including colors, shapes, etc., an image become the perfect medium to exhibit all these things in one place.

However, that does not mean you can share anything while promoting your products or services. The image should be relevant to what your target audience expects and must convey all the required things they might want to enquire about the product/service being offered to them. E.g., if you want to share or promote a product meant for college students, sharing photos of children or families won’t of any help.

In that case, you must share an image that has the vibes of youth, and enthusiasm. It should be related to the desires of college students and must matter to their prospects. Out of every 100 college students who will see your post, there are chances that at least 80% of them would come back to enquire about the products or services.

Multiple Images Keep Audience Engaged

If you want your audience to spend more on your posts, make sure you add multiple images to them. The best way to do so is by using a mix of stock photos, banners, and product images that have attractive infographics and are a delight to the eyes. You can also use memes these days if your product is youth-oriented.

However, you may post anything except selfies. This is because your social media posts should only keep your products and services in the limelight and not you! To add spice to your posts, you may add a controversial question that is usually debated over for many days. This would increase the audience’s engagement on your social media posts.

You may also change images from time to time so that the audiences get a notification of your activity. Your social media account depicts how you run your business. Making changes and coming up with new ideas would keep your audience engaged and won’t make them bored.

Add Texts That Speak!

Another way to increase the audiences’ engagement on your social media posts is by adding catchy texts to them. AVOID writing technical jargon or long sentences. By text, we mean slang or a line that speaks about the product being offered. You may keep it funny, informative, descriptive, or anyway, you like. But do avoid making it boring and exaggerated. People these days love looking at things that are easy to understand.

Hence, keep things simple and creative at the same time.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have reached so far, you must have understood the power of images in a social media post. The next time, do add images to your post and make it unique and attractive for your target audience. Online Platform has unlimited scope, however, it depends on you how far you can go with your promoting skills.