Shipment tracking technology allows shippers to take control of their transport and to track their the freight at any time during the journey. Track and trace options are accessible on PackageX. With this technology, you will have the information on the performance of your carrier as well as transportation costs and market trends when you plan your logistics. The tracking of your shipment is an essential component in supply chain management.

Lower Costs Enhance Processes

Monitoring your freight’s journey done according to charges and service levels. By using the data that PackageX produces, shippers are able to monitor and communicate with the carriers, monitoring the arrival time, time in transit and delays. When shippers are able to monitor carrier performance and performance, they are able to make changes that cost effective to enhance their supply chains.

Increase visibility, Improve Performance

With the ability of shipment tracking the metrics related to shipping movement are easily tracked. The visibility is enhanced in both the outbound and inbound transport and is particularly beneficial in the case of outgoing freight since you can monitor the progress of your shipment and decide the need to notify your customer about a delay. If shippers utilize tracking, they are able to determine which method and/or carrier is the most reliable. This gives them the chance to improve processes.

Improved Customer Experience, Reduces Delays

Shipment tracking software is essential for a positive customer experience. more than half of Americans consider the shipping process as part of an shopping experience. Being able to track your freight gives security to the customer. Shippers will be aware of the location of their shipment and notify customers of any changes in status, change and delivery.

The cloud has revolutionized how businesses use and profit from PackageX. With SaaS technology shipping companies no longer have to pay for technology. It’s a web-based service in which you pay for the services you need to use. Due to a shortage of capacity as well as the compliance with regulations from the government. And rising transport costs expected to be on the market in the near future. And shippers stand to gain from PackageX as well as its trace and track capabilities.

Doing things with our software to track packages

With the added benefit of efficiency and efficiency, many PackageX customers have reported getting more work accomplished. There is no longer a time when half of the office go on scavenger-hunts in search of a package. It might or may not deliver. It’s now a simple check on PackageX can inform you within a matter of seconds whether the package you’re looking for delivered. You’ll know since the recipient will get a message either via text or email to let them know they’ve received mail.

It’s also helpful since anyone can access the program of shipment tracking from any location. The data is stored in a cloud-based database which means that it is accessible anytime on any device. This ensures accountability and make sure that everyone satisfied using the services. One of the biggest advantages of PackageX is that you don’t need to alter your entire system to utilize it. PackageX offers the flexibility to meet your requirements and also to enhance what’s not working in your system.

No need for manual log-in

Let’s face it, we all have started our own businesses and managed the delivery by logging manually and hanging clipboards to remind us.

With software such as Mailroom Package Tracking Software, that also comes with the software, the only thing you have to do is to integrate it once, and then stay free of worry. You can now keep track of every single purchase using the software.

Tracks the package’s contents

One of the biggest challenges that you have to deal with as a seller is tracking your orders. It is essential for you to determine if the client has received their ordered item or not. The supply chain of managing the package must be precise and precise in its address and managed with efficiency.

The characteristics mentioned above are all part of inbound package tracking software. This software track the items. They are aware of where they are in relation to the carrier or with the customer.

Automated package logs

One of the most demanding tasks for vendors is to arrange the orders, tag and label them with the clients and their IDs. You can easily get lost and end up with chaos from all the items,

It also consumes a large portion of your time that could have used to perform more productive ways for your business. Today, time is money. Program Tracking System helps with the tedious work.

This means that you’ll be able to spend more time on your hands. It also will cut down on the expense of all the overheads required for the recording of the products.


Another benefit of PackageX is that we’re software-base shipment tracking. It is not necessary to purchase new equipment to run it. As you already have the tools that you require, like smartphones tablets, scanners, and smartphones. Since PackageX has been developed as software it’s simple to update it when we make changes.