A Guide To Salesforce Guest User


A Salesforce guest user is a special type of user that can access limited data and features in the Salesforce platform. It is often used as an alternative to full-professional users, especially for external customers or partners who need to interact with Salesforce but don’t require extensive functionality. This type of user gets access only to what they need and nothing else – making it secure and cost-effective for organizations.

Guest users are granted different levels of access depending on their role in the organization, such as read-only or editing rights, allowing them to work collaboratively with others within the platform. They can also be given access to particular custom objects if necessary. With this type of user account, companies have more control over who can access their data and how they can interact with it.

You can utilize a visitor client profile to control the community to information, content, and items on your site that don’t need validation. For instance, you can design the Visitor Client Profile to empower existing and expected volunteers to see volunteer ventures without signing in to the site.

A visitor client is anybody you can use for applications like occasion executives applications, volunteer applications, gift applications, and more.

The Salesforce include that permits convenience of these “outside clients” is the SITE Visitor Client. Instances of outer constituents that can be obliged are those making gifts, applying for occasions, promising to contribute information, and so on. You might show information through a specific client, contingent upon the need of your association.

Presently, a visitor client is excluded from the client’s rundown of your framework. Regardless of whether you go to Oversee Clients or Authorizations, you can’t track down visitor clients. You can not make profiles for these clients. They have no secret phrase, no meeting perusing, and no Programming interface access. Basically, they play no parts.

Benefits of Guest Users:

1. Cost Savings –

Because guest users are limited in their access, the cost of creating them is much lower than for full-fledged professional users. As a result, companies save money by not having to pay for unnecessary features or modules that won’t be used.

2. Security –

Having limited permissions for different user accounts ensures that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information within Salesforce. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing corporate data and makes it easier to track changes made by guest users over time.

3. Increased Efficiency –

By giving external partners access to Salesforce without providing them with full Professional licenses, companies can speed up their workflow and increase collaboration. This is especially useful for tasks that don’t require a lot of data input or analysis but still need to be done quickly.

Salesforce guest users are a great tool for organizations looking to give external partners limited access to the platform without compromising security or incurring additional costs. By giving them just enough permissions to do what they need, companies can streamline their workflow while ensuring that all sensitive information remains secure.

With the right setup, Salesforce guest users can help improve efficiency and collaboration across the organization.


A Salesforce guest user is a type of user that provides access to your Salesforce system but has limited abilities. Guest users can view data, add records, and submit reports; they cannot modify or delete anything. This allows organizations to securely share their Salesforce environment with customers and partners without compromising data security.

Guest users can be given various levels of access, from read-only to editing rights, depending on their role within the organization. Salesforce guest users are a cost-effective and secure way for organizations to collaborate with external partners without sacrificing data security.


Salesforce guest users provide a secure and efficient way to share data with customers or partners. By providing access only to certain records and functions, organizations can maintain control over their Salesforce environment while still allowing external stakeholders to view the necessary data.

Additionally, there is no need for a new user license for every individual that needs access—a single guest user account allows multiple people to collaborate in one system. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for additional IT support or time-consuming setup processes.


Security is one of the most important benefits of using Salesforce guest users. This type of user does not have access to sensitive data or privileged functions, making them ideal for sharing information with external parties. Additionally, Salesforce guest user accounts can be easily managed and revoked when necessary. This ensures that only those who need access have it, reducing the risk of a security breach.


Overall, Salesforce guest users offer organizations the ability to securely share their data with customers or partners while maintaining full control over their environment. By providing the right level of access and security measures, companies can ensure that data is kept safe from unauthorized access. With this type of user setting in place, external stakeholders can collaborate without compromising data security.

Salesforce guest users provide secure and efficient ways to share data with customers and partners while maintaining control over your organization’s Salesforce environment. With no additional license fees or IT support needed, they are an ideal solution for organizations looking to collaborate with stakeholders outside their company walls.