How to Run Dual Monitors with One HDMI Port

dual monitors

Sometimes one monitor is not enough for you to perform your tasks in a carefree manner. You can easily perform your graphics designing and gaming tasks and even enhance productivity, by adding dual monitors to your setup. But it is pretty obvious that to connect more than one monitor with your computer, you need to have more than one port. But what to do if you only have one HDMI port? Well, we are going to tell you some useful things which you can do, if you want to connect two monitors with a single HDMI port. 

HDMI Splitter – Dual Monitors

The first and the easiest thing to do is to buy an HDMI splitter cable. A splitter cable splits the signals in two ways. You can use two monitors with a single HDMI splitter cable. But keep in mind that the splitter cable can only send the same signal, to both the monitors. It means that you can only get the same display on both monitors, and not extended or individual displays.  

USB Based Adapter

Most of the computers have other options as well to connect your displays, like DisplayPort or USB Thunderbolt. Some of the older ones can offer VGA and DV-I ports, in addition to the HDMI port. If you have only one HDMI adapter which you use for primary display, then you can use DisplayPort or VGA ports for other display. But if don’t have any of them and have only one HDMI port in your computer, then you can use a USB-based adapter. This adapter is connected through a USB port and can help you attach another display. But keep in mind it will not provide you the quality which you desire. It basically uses a Display Link chip technology, which can use CPU or GPU to compress the image signals for transmission through the USB ports. It will definitely compress the quality of the visuals and have effects on the resolution.

Equip Your Computer with a Video Card

There is one more thing which you can do, and that is to add another HDMI-equipped video card to your computer if you have an extra slot for the port. This will simply give you another port to plug in your second monitor, so you can enjoy a multi-monitor setup.

Advantages of a Dual Monitor–

Adding another monitor in the equation can be really useful. It can take your computing experience to another level. You can use a dual monitor setup for many reasons. Some of them are mentioned below.  


With the Dual monitor set up, you can enjoy your gaming experience larger than life. By adding another monitor, you can take on the world of competitive shooting games. Playing your open-world games on these monitors can give you a good immersive gaming experience. It is also really great for online first-person shooter games because it can give you a wider field of play, so you can achieve more.  

Graphics Designing & Editing 

If you are a graphics designer or editor, you can perform really well on a dual monitor setup. You can have the editing tools and timeline on one monitor, and have the final project along with the preview interface on the other higher resolution monitor. It can help you see every little detail on the screen with great precision and accuracy.  

Collaborative Working 

A dual monitor setup can be really good for your collaborative work. You can use multiple applications at the same time and without any kind of interruptions. If you are a software or multimedia developer, then you can get the most out of your work in very little time.  

Bottom Line 

Well, these were some of the useful steps, which you can follow to take your computing experience up a notch, by adding another monitor in the setup, even if you have only one HDMI port. So, if you are looking to buy another monitor for your computer setup, then make sure to visit FiveTech, and choose from a wide collection of monitors on great deals.