4 Unexpected Reasons Your Engine Light Is On

Engine Light

When the engine lights are not working on your dashboard, it is a sign of trouble in the engine, and that sudden issue has the ability to give a huge shock to anyone, even some experienced drivers. When this happens, usually going and getting the auto repair services in Houston is the destination. So, whether it is on or not, the engine light can help you. When the light is on, it usually speaks to the driver that: “Hey, something is wrong.” In other words, the light becomes a warning sign. But what if the engine light is not working? Not a good thing. So, always make sure that your engine light is working fine. This article will help you to understand the issue and take proactive steps to save your vehicle from damage.  PS: apart from the engine light, checking the alignment of the wheels is also a good judge of probable problems. If the cars do not move in a straight path when you leave the steering wheel for a few seconds, it means that you should find results for wheel alignment near me to solve that particular issue.

Why will the Engine stop working?

One of the causes that the engine stops working is the worn-out of the oxygen sensor. Many issues in the complex system of the engine cannot be seen with the naked eye. Here, we will explore the mysteries behind the issues in the engine light and discuss four reasons why these problems will occur.  The unexpected reasons that your check engine light is on are the following:

1. Loose or Faulty Gas Cap:

What to Look For:

When the gas cap is loose or damaged, the check engine light is on and shows a warning sign of damage. The cap works as pressure maintenance in the fuel system, and when it stops working, it will affect the vehicle’s performance. When this damage occurs, the system will detect the error and show the warning sign with the help of a check engine light.

What to Avoid

If you avoid the gas cap issue, it will affect the vehicle’s performance by damaging fuel efficiency and causing environmentally hazardous air pollution.

Interesting Detail:

Modern cars have solved many mechanical problems, like the system automatically detecting the gas cap damage and the engine light. It is the safeguard against the issues that will arise in the future and affect the vehicle’s longevity.

2. Faulty Spark Plugs or Ignition Coils:

What to Look For:

Some car issues are dangerous for life, including worn-out spark plugs or issues in the ignition coil, which helps the engine to start working. The engine check light is on due to these issues in the engine and affects the performance of the engine.


If you avoid this issue, it will cause a misfire and significantly damage the life and budget of the owner of the car by causing costly repairs.

Interesting Detail:

When issues arise in the engine, it will not only affect the vehicle’s performance but also sound weird while starting the car. The skilled mechanic uses this sound to identify the issue of the misfire of the engine. As soon as they diagnose the problem, it will less affect the vehicle’s owner.

3. Failing Mass Airflow Sensor:

What to Look For:

The purpose of the airflow sensor is to make the engine work efficiently by measuring the amount of air that enters the engine. The check light is on when it detects the issue in the airflow sensor. When this issue arises, it will cause problems like poor fuel efficiency, fuel injection, and other issues related to air emissions.


If you avoid this issue and do not get the replacement of the sensor, then it will cause high fuel consumption, and you will save no money. So, when you address this issue, diagnose it as soon as possible.

Interesting Detail: 

The airflow sensor is a great measurement to measure the air-to-fuel ratio. It can measure the airflow of a gram. It will ensure the optimal combustion of air and fuel so that the engine performs better on long trips on the road.

4. Worn Catalytic Converter

What to Look For

If the check light is on, there may be an issue with the catalytic converter. The work of the catalytic converter is to filter out harmful emissions, and the vehicle can work in a great way for a long time. However, harmful emissions damage the vehicle’s performance when it fails to deteriorate.


If you ignore the issue of the catalytic converter, then it will cause environmental pollution and fail the engine due to harmful emissions.

Interesting Detail: 

The composition of the catalytic converter includes palladium, platinum, and rhodium, which are expensive metals. Most recyclers prefer to use used converters to extract these valuable components. This recycling step will also create a healthy environment.


No matter your destination, all you need is a healthy vehicle along with you. If the vehicle performs well, it will communicate with you with warning signs. This article hopefully answered why checking the engine lights is important.  The four reasons mentioned above will help you stop panicking if any such situation arises in the near future.  With this light, you can take proper care of the vehicle and minimize the surprises on long trips. You have the peace of mind that your vehicle works excellently and smoothly. You may visit eric’s car care , it’s the best auto repair shop in Houston that provides top-notch services