Marshall Monitor II ANC, Premium Headphone For Classic User

marshall monitor ii anc

Marshall, a company that does not need an introduction, has now gone a step ahead in its effort of establishing itself as a headphone maker. It has recently released a remarkable new headphone, Marshall Monitor II ANC that is engineered to marvel the Active Noise Cancelling technology. This new product from Marshall will surely prove to be another worthy addition to its extensive product portfolio that has made an impact in the musical world. Thus, it is essential to understand the features and functioning of the Marshall Monitor II ANC before it is available for purchase.

marshall monitor ii anc

Designed Thoughtfully for Ultimate Comfort

marshall monitor ii anc design

Designed intelligently, this particular headphone from Marshall lives up to the expectations in terms of its styling. The headphone comes in an exquisite leather finish look, which is integral to the company’s designing part. This over-the-ear headphone is very classic and smart in black, and the logo is written in white in cursive style. Ergonomically comfortable, this iconic headphone from Marshall can be used day-long with great ease. The earcups and the underlying area of the headband have a nice cushion that feels very comfortable even for day-long usage. And the winning point is that Monitor II A.N.C. can be easily folded as they are collapsible, and the headband is also very flexible. Thus, you can fold them up in a smaller space while traveling.

Primary Controls are Easy and Well Placed

The central control knob is on the right-side earcap that resembles a brass-finish joystick. This knob allows volume adjustment, shuffle between tracks, and to power on and pair the device smoothly. Other than this knob, there are two additional buttons, which are the A.N.C. button and the M-Button. The A.N.C. button is found on the backside hinge of the left earcap to keep the designing unaltered. The button allows you to switch between Active Noise Cancelling and Monitoring Modes. You can use it to turn off the active noise canceling feature. And then, similarly placed in the rear hinge of the right ear cup is the M-Button. This button is multifunctional as it helps to select from three equalizers presets and also to access voice-assistance features on-the-go.

Outstanding Sound Quality

With Marshall Monitor II in hand, the users will have the best sound experience that they will love. Both the earcaps have finely tuned 40 mm drivers that produce dynamically superior quality sound. With standard frequency response between 20Hz to 20khz, Monitor II gains the much-needed expertise to play all sorts of music with equal precision. Well balancing soundscape, and the provision of switching between preferred equalizer presets come as great assistance in enjoying different musical genres. The sound delivered is excellent, crisp, and compelling. Every single note and the audio effect is clean and fresh, and the headphone does complete justice to all range of music.

Effective A.N.C. Technology Enabled

Active Noise Cancelling offers massive satisfaction of listening to what you want and cutting out on all other unwanted noises in the surrounding. The technology helps in blocking all the surrounding sounds to enable the listeners to have a great musical indulgence. So, you can now enjoy your music in complete isolation even if you are in a crowded place. The advance A.N.C. technology permits total concentration on music by only isolating all other ambient sounds. And with a single click of the A.N.C. button, it is easily possible to re-establish outside connections by activating the pass-through mode. Further, users can decide on how much sound blocking they need, as they can control the A.N.C. effect via Marshall’s app.

Perfect Battery Life and Updated Features

Marshall Monitor II ANC has it all to become everyone’s favorite. Its battery life is also awe-inspiring. Users can enjoy wireless playtime for 30 long hours with activated A.N.C., And the playtime duration can further increase by 15 hours by just turning off the A.N.C. feature. A mere 15 minutes of charging can ensure 5 hours of hassle-free performance. The Bluetooth connectivity is also quite robust that furthers add to device mobility. The Bluetooth app comes in handy in managing the device better. The M-Button is meant for managing and having fun through Google Assistant.

What is in the Box:

Along with the promising Marshall Monitor II ANC, buyers will get the following items within the box, which are:-

  1. A Useful and Removable 3.5 mm Cable

  2. User Manual

  3. USB-C Charging Cable

  4. Canvas carrying bag

Pros of Marshall Monitor II ANC

  • Elegant and thoughtful design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 enabled
  • Adjustable E.Q. Presets and easy controls
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Great battery life

Cons of Marshall Monitor II ANC

  • A bit expensive than competitor
  • Does not come with a hard carrying case


At the End Opinion

Marshall Monitor II ANC will be available for sale from March 2020 onwards and now can be pre-order. Priced at $319, this headphone from Marshall will surely mark a new phase of current release by the company. Combining super-sophisticated styling with high-end performance and balanced sound, Marshall Monitor II ANC will surely gain overall popularity.