Begin Conquering Live Streaming Ecommerce Industry by Launching a Zoom Clone

Zoom Clone

We all know that video conferencing solution like Zoom Clone have been helpful to the entire world when we were all stuck in an unfortunate pandemic situation. No one knew that video conferencing could make such a revolution. Of course, the corporate businesses leveraged this as their primary communication tool. But then followed by it came  the educational sector, then slowly it branched itself to the government sector, then medical and even the entertainment sectors.

But anyone would have never thought that the video conferencing software will be used in the ecommerce industry. Yes, people who read it right. By now, your mind should have struck an idea that concerns the result of blending ecommerce with video chatting. And that’s live-streaming e-commerce.

The emergence of video conferencing in the ecommerce industry

Though it might be quite hard for you to reel from the shock of technology’s development, there are many businesses already adapting to this technique. For people who have been shopping products through ecommerce apps for years now, then they might surely miss the customer service.

Though the apps may provide millions of choices to choose from, some people would still want a third voice that would help them in choosing the right product for them. Yes, many platforms are providing customer service through various channels like phone, email, etc., but they don’t do the trick for some specific issues.

This is where video chatting comes into play. When the software is implemented rightly, it can boost the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers. In this blog, you will see the benefits that are coiled with live streaming ecommerce.

Helps in clutching with the videos’ popularity

Businesses are clinging to video chat adoption more than before. True to this statement, according to Transparency Market Research, the global video conferencing market is growing at the rate of 7.9% every year and is expected to continue till 2026. Moreover, when it comes to real-time interactions, everyone wants to experience something as real as possible as people have also started to follow the call-and-response fashion from social media platforms, video-centric customer service has huge chances of development.

Quicker solutions to the problems

When it comes to customers, their needs can’t always be crystal clear. So it is difficult to decipher their thoughts when the communication is only through phone or email. They might have specific questions that might be hard to explain using just words. With video chat, everything can be easily solved when it is seen.

Enhanced connection

As said earlier, phone support or live chat, though they both can be efficient, nothing compares to having in-person interactions. But with video chat, you can dodge their expressions and connect better with them. It helps in finding a better approach and provides a better and more personalized experience. It also helps develop a deep relationship with the customers.

It helps you stand out from your rivals

Video chat, in the world of ecommerce, is still a new-born innovation and hasn’t been adopted yet, largely. So, by having one, you can enter early, without having to worry about your competitors. For businesses that need a lot of time for describing a product to the customers or for helping those select the best one, this is a rescue. You can literally show your best selections and have a chance of winning the sale easily.

Better customer service training

For the support team, this can be the best feature to include customers and CSRs, and train them to provide the customers with good solutions. Though there can be common questions and concerns in a text format, seeing and hearing it is the next level, as your support team knows how to deal with the customers.

Convert it for promotions

With your customers’ permission, you can even repurpose your video recordings for future marketing and to educate other customers. It can save you ample time, as you won’t have to go in circles to explain things.

Pick the right solution

The platform on which you are going to have a video chat is a critical consideration. Though your service might be good, if it is not presented via a good video chat, everything may go down in the drain. So, you should choose a reliable solution to converse with your customers easily. List out your requirements that you might wish to add to your solution, like whether screen sharing is required, if you need any additional features like on-screen chat or a gallery to feature the products, etc.

If your answer is a yes, then choose for the white-labeled or custom solutions that will help you have a branded platform with all the solutions you wish.

Wrap up

Live streaming ecommerce is still a new invention that is yet to be brought into existence. Many app development companies are coming up with a Zoom Clone Script that you could customize to suit your ecommerce business needs.