5 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Raymond Halliwell- Organic Traffic

A lot of things have experienced significant changes over the years and the google algorithm is simply one of them. However, the desire to rank on google’s first page has never changed or dwindle. Why? Many businesses understand that to be discovered by potential customers and get them to engage with their business depends on the ranking. 

But the days of stuffing content with keywords and performing a few tricks on backlinks in order to be on the top of search engines are long gone. This means what seems to be working for you might not anymore. And if you are having terrible experiences with google, it’s time to change the game and flow with the new modern approach to SEO. Here we ask a passionate and enthusiastic digital marketing expert, Raymond Halliwell for practical tips that can help increase organic traffic. Although these are not the only ones, they have been proven and tested and they seem to be cutting the drill. Let’s dive in!

Content is still king

When we say content is still king, this is to say long, high-quality, engaging content.  Long-form content educates visitors and gives solutions to their problems. When this is achieved, it can even go viral and get the required traffic it deserves.  Content that carries values will receive all the love and attention and it will promote the content to the front and center of the search engines. It’s not surprising that studies confirmed these are the type of content that dominates page one of search rankings. 

Answer searcher’s queries online

One way to go about this is to research meaningful questions on one of the high-growing Q&A sites, Quora. From how can I get rich to what’s the trend in share markets, hundreds(if not millions) of people are asking questions on Quora every day and these questions vary across different niches and industries. This can be considered a great asset for content creators and marketers. How? You can search for trending questions, use them as keywords both in the title and the body, and craft compelling content that addresses the questions. Very simple! People who are interested in questions both online and on social media will be more than happy to read your content. 

Be social

‘Your target audience is hanging out on popular online communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and so much more. If you are not one of them or you are there but not active, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities,  Raymond Halliwell says. Social media platforms have become a powerful tool to increase traffic. And as earlier said, you need to be active, form relationships with your audience, and post engaging, high-quality content that they will value. This will make you earn a lot of likes, shares, and comments that promote brand awareness. 

Check out what others are doing

If you don’t know where to start, check out how your competitors are increasing organic traffic and do better. Are they have a large number of followers on social media? How do they position themselves as business authorities? Are they involved in paid traffic to promote their awareness? When you know what your competitors are doing, or what your target audience are searching and reading, you can leverage these to increase your traffic as well. 

Be proactive

Nowadays, you don’t just spray content online and pray it to get noticed. You need to take the wheels in your hand and get your content the organic traffic it deserves. For this, Raymond Halliwell suggests guest blogging. That’s right! When you post valuable content on reputable sites, you are establishing yourself as an intelligible authority in your niche. You can also interview industry leaders and post them on your site. You will be surprised by how many will be interested in not only what the guest has got to say, but also the interviewer, which can help boost your credibility.