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WAF or Web Application Firewall is one of the online security mechanisms used by companies worldwide to protect the 7th or application layer from Internet security threats. Known or unknown application vulnerabilities, and many other Web application layer attacks that affect the community.

The main function of such application security is to actively monitor, detect, and mitigate web security threats, which may interrupt potentially critical Web operations, destroy information on computers such as servers, report suspicious activities, and stop applications.

WAF can be used as an important part of web security to improve the security of web applications and services. Many people start their own businesses on the Internet to stay competitive. Therefore, the way they use the Internet in their business has changed dramatically in the past decade. They laid the foundation for digital transformation and integrated the use of cybersecurity to handle daily tasks and store large amounts of knowledge on the Internet. These web security applications can usually be accessed on any device from anywhere.

Cloud Web Application Firewall is the best tool for monitoring and filtering malicious traffic, used to protect Web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). Modern hackers are becoming more adept at disguising their code to crack Internet applications. Scanning every HTTP request can help companies improve the security of their Web applications and better protect their data from new threats.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security provides administrators and security professionals with a set of advanced security and management solutions that use cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning technologies to provide advanced threat protection. Network and system operations that detect suspicious activities in real-time. As cyber criminals actively exploit the smallest security breaches.

Endpoint protection has become one of the most important requirements today. Endpoints, data, and general business infrastructure. Organizations that fail to implement the required endpoint security measures may suffer an average loss of USD 7.12 million or USD 440 per endpoint.


The core functionality of a software-defined wide area network or SD-WAN enables companies to securely connect their end-users to their applications and services. MPLS or multi-protocol label switching. Organizations can use any custom combination of these broadband Internet services to create custom networks to meet their business needs.


NGFW is an important security product that can monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, and allow or block data packets that comply with multiple security rules. It has features such as cloud threat intelligence, application analysis and control, and built-in intrusion prevention. They are usually located between reliable and unreliable networks.

In addition to access control, NGFWs such as the FortiGate firewall can also combat modern threats, such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks, built-in intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence sources. NGFW usually has all the functions of a standard firewall, that is, port blocking, proxy, packet filtering, and inspection. Furthermore, traditional firewalls and NGFWs are different in some functions.

FortiGate Cloud Firewall can be integrated with other tools to automatically exchange threat intelligence and automatically perform security tasks such as user authentication. You can prevent hacker attacks and protect your network. Contains advanced features to detect complex malware. Integrated IPS for detecting potential threats, a world-class threat intelligence organization for implementing URL policies, and URL filter functions.

A strong firewall and next-gen firewall are essential to any business. Threats to private devices and the largest networks are evolving every day. With the flexibility of next-generation firewalls, you can further protect the most critical devices and organizations from intruders.

Fortinet Malaysia

Spectrum Edge is the market leader of Fortinet Malaysia. We are led by a strong management team with many years of cybersecurity experience. We have obtained CISSP, CISM, and ITIL certifications from well-known organizations (ISC) 2, ISACA, ITIL, and product certifications from leading suppliers.

Spectrum Edge was named the best Fortinet distributor in Malaysia in 2020. We provide a wide range of network security solutions, such as NGFW, SDWAN, WAF, endpoint security, etc. We have an important position in various financial institutions, telecommunications companies, airlines, GLCs, and multinational companies in Malaysia.

Fortinet protects the world’s leading companies, service providers, and government agencies. As a Fortinet distributor in Malaysia, we provide uncompromising security measures to solve your most concerning security issues. Most of the safety devices we sell are deeply loved by us, and Fortinet is trusted by more than 450,000 customers.