Email Marketing: 4 Trends That Will Emerge In 2021 

Email Marketing

1) Splash Or Pop Of Colour 

Create email newsletter templates that will trigger an emotional response by using colours that match your brand. The more vivid they are, the better. Emotional reactions are the reactions people have to your brand and what stays with them after the interaction.

Use your brand’s trademark colours in your email to display what you’re all about without saying a word. This will help to increase brand recognition and help you build trust and authority with your prospects.

This year’s colours are all about creating a lasting impression, using colour psychology to elicit an emotional response.

2) Text Heavy 

The trend of text-only emails is expected to increase. Text-only emails rely heavily on a compelling copy, like SMS marketing. You can think of text-only emails as private messages from a friend or trusted colleague. They ring true to both personal and professional matters at the same time.

Text-only marketing can be valuable if your brand is visually rich and loves interactive elements. Use it to take a break from your colourful email marketing game and have your brand communicate through words alone. The brand will become more interesting and human, allowing your company to communicate with your customers on a more personal level.

Text-only emails are ideal for sending a massive message, one that needs no introduction. Your audience will love it, as long as you deliver it properly.

3) Hyper-Personalization 

Email marketing and the field of marketing, in general, will be dominated by hyper-personalization. Studies have shown that personalized emails boost transactions by six times.

To provide tailor-made content that speaks to consumer needs, you have to start with customer segments. Prospects and current customers want solutions for real-life problems, which can only be attained with stellar segmentation.

The use of artificial intelligence will allow you to create emails that seem as if they were tailored just for the recipient. This can be achieved by creating segments that are as small as possible. AI can help marketers create segments so small that each prospect feels like they are speaking to him or her directly.

Make the most of all the criteria you have at your disposal. From geographical to behavioural, the more narrow your criteria, the better chances for your emails to have a tailored look and feel.

4) User Generated Content

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) efforts are strengthened when you leverage User-Generated Content (UGC).

When an email marketing plan incorporates user-generated content, it increases trust toward a brand and turns the end-user into a brand ambassador. Furthermore, UGC can help you save on content if you don’t have any at hand.

UGC is just like social proof: If people like your target audience see that your brand can solve their problems, they’ll be willing to engage with it.

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