5 of the Best Ways to Track Kids with Tech

kids tracking tech

If you’re a single parent with little ones running around all over the place, you’ll instantly get this piece. Because that’s what I am: a generally broke, divorced mom of two. I kicked my ex, out just in time before he could force a third one on me. My oldest is 13, and he has a tendency to exhaust our house’s Spectrum TV plans within a week! My youngest, on the other hand, is a witch in sheep’s clothing. I call her this because she has a horrible habit of shoving my lipsticks down the sink. Whenever she feels the need to get even with me, after a scolding session.

My Real Test: When the Kids Go Missing

But my real test comes when one, or both of them, decide to bail on me (for whatever reason).

In such cases, I really had to rely on my wits in the past. My go-to solution rested in filing a police report. After the first three submissions, however, the officers grew weary. One of them even complained to me of being a forgetful mother. And this was the time when it really hurt. Because there was no way in which I could get him (a man) to understand my stressful situation. Or how very impossible it was for a single, overworked woman to look after her children. With no sincere family relation to looking up to in times of personal crisis.

Being totally desperate, I decided to seek the help of a professional child psychologist. The only reason why I could afford this facility was through an insurance provider in my salary plan. And thankfully, the good doctor took pity on me.

Enter Child Tracking Gadgets into My Life

He was quick to notice that my kids didn’t suffer from any developmental problem. Their only ‘issue’, if it could be called that, was that they had a lot of pent-up energy. And they craved attention. Something which I, despite my very best efforts, could not give.

And so he suggested an alternative. Which was to allow my children to roam free. But only on the condition that they wear a child tracking device. These, he told me, could easily be ordered from online retailers like Amazon and eBay. And apparently, they weren’t very expensive. Being designed, as they are, for beleaguered child guardians like myself.

Armed with this piece of information, I didn’t waste any time in placing my order. I bought two compact trackers for each of my children. Initially, both of them were skeptical and uncooperative. Having these location devices on them meant a sizeable reduction in the independence that they were used to. But I made the pot sweeter; with weekly incentives of a McDonalds Happy Meal. So it wasn’t long before they agreed to my new arrangement.

All this took place over 2 years ago.

Today, my son doesn’t require electronic tracking all that often. But my daughter still proves to be a hard chase. So I take the easier course and keep my GPS constantly pegged to her device.

The Top Five Tracking Gadgets Out There

I still have all my research notes from when I ordered the trackers off the internet. And I was cleaning the house a few months ago when they managed to catch my eye. So instead of just throwing them away, I decided to do something productive about them.

I scribbled all the main points and decided to open a blog about the top 5 child tracking devices available in the market. So that other anxious parents wouldn’t have to go through the painful state of desperation that I did.

These trackers (listed in no order of preference) are as follows:

  1. The LG GizmoGadget (powered by Verizon)
  2. Republic Wireless Relay
  3. DokiWatch S
  4. B’zT Washable Tracker T-Shirt
  5. KidsConnect KC2

The Only Solution

At this stage, I’d like to say upfront that you need to buy one of these gizmos if you’re worried about your child getting lost. And if you ask me, I’d strongly recommend the B’zT Tracker Shirt, because it is a very cool and efficient piece of equipment to have o your kid.

Because this, really, is the only practical and low-cost way in which you can kick the Xanax from your life. And based on my recent bout of Spectrum triple play web search, I can say this with a great degree of confidence.