Stand out unique from the Competition by Initiating On-demand Beauty App Development


Expert beauticians and makeup artists will be available round-the-clock in a well-functioning On-demand beauty service app. They will ensure high-quality personal care for users to keep them sparkling. 

They render various services like facials, hair-styling, hair straightening, makeup, skincare by removing wrinkles and spots, bleach, hair colouring, massage, waxing, tanning, foot care, nail manicure, bridal makeup, threading, hair rebonding, pedicure, and aromatherapy. 

As a proven player in on-demand beauty app development, Android and iOS apps for customers, beauticians, and a robust admin panel are provided.

The admin’s role is to manage the business operations of the Beauty app like handling activities of users and beauty therapists, monitoring performance including key metrics like revenue, cash flow, and profits, announcing new discounts and offers to entice more customers, and aggressively market the beauty service platform across different communication channels. 

What are the popular features in the beautician app like Uber?

  • Instant approval of booking requests – Users can get the services of their personal beautician or makeup artist quickly by using the app. Based on the customers’ location, the closest located beautician will be immediately assigned.
  • Acceptance of multiple payment methods – Transactions for the availed beauty services can be paid by the users through debit cards, credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, cash, and wire transfers. Integration is also provided with the payment systems of Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Stripe. 
  • A social media login option – As a viable alternative to signing up on the beauty service platform by entering email address and phone number, social media integration is provided. The supported networks include the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • A rating and review system – Customers can share feedback about the overall quality of the beauty services and the professionalism of the beautician. He/She can give a rating on a scale of 1-5.
  • Access to a variety of skincare and beauty products – For users who are extremely conscious about the brand of skincare or beauty items they use, they can browse through the e-store to purchase their desired products. 
  • Paid subscription plans – Premium users can access exclusive services by becoming members of paid subscription plans available either monthly or yearly.
  • In-depth verification of beauticians – Only experienced and certified beauticians will be available for services to provide the best customer experience and ensure the complete satisfaction of their needs. They will be asked to submit details of their education, past employment, and government-issued IDs.  Users can choose between either 5-star or 7-star rated beauticians. 
  • Provision of discounts and offers – Economical beauty care is ensured on the On-demand beauty service app as plenty of discounts, coupons, offers, and promo codes will be present. This helps users to reduce their total bill amount.
  • Flexible pricing – It can be imposed as a per-minute rate and the cost of beauty services will increase depending on the total time. Extra charges will apply in case branded beauty, skincare, and hair care products are used.
  • An in-app chat option – The customers can directly interact with the beauticians through the live chat facility. Text messages, photo-sharing, voice calling, and video calling are facilitated. 
  • Other special features – Premium features like call masking, in-app navigation option for the beauticians, a Picture in Picture (PIP) mode, SMS authentication, a video uploading facility for beauty therapists to showcase their portfolio, an advanced content management system (CMS), an exclusive panel for Customer relationship management (CRM), and provision of analytical reports are also available on the beautician app like Uber.

The step by step process to use Uber for a beauty app

  • The user has to download the latest version of the On-demand beauty app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 
  • The customer has to register by creating an account by submitting the needed information. 
  • Choose any of the available Beauty services by viewing all the beauticians listed on the app. 
  • Book the required slot on the preferred date and time. 
  • The beautician will immediately arrive at the users’ location to render the services.
  • The customer can pay for the availed services directly to the beautician either in cash or online. 
  • The user can rate the quality of the beauty services in the integrated feedback system. 

The various benefits offered as part of the On-demand beautician app are

  • Comfortable beauty services rendered right at the users’ home ensuring maximum comfort. This ensures customers need not spend a long time visiting parlors.
  • Hassle-free appointment scheduling beforehand prevents unnecessary delays.
  • Various business models are available for the entrepreneurs like a self-owned model with a personal brand and an aggregator beauty service model. 

How does the On-demand beauty app mint money?

  • Featured listings – Highly rated beauticians who are proven experts in their field can be given a top spot in the on-demand beautician app. They will have to pay a specific fee for a Premium listing. This will surely maximize the sale for the beauticians.
  • Commission charges – The admin of the Uber for beauty app can charge a commission from each beautician for rendering their services through the platform. It ensures a consistent inflow of revenue. The higher the bookings accepted by the beauticians, the greater would be the income earned by the beauty service platform. 
  • E-Commerce integration – Products related to skincare and haircare sold through the online beauty store will attract more revenue in the beautician app like Uber. 
  • Advertisements – All beauty-related ad content sourced from third parties will be displayed on the platform in the form of short promotional videos, banner ads, and sponsored posts. The revenue depends on factors like the number of clicks, views, and total impressions.

The detailed procedure followed to create Uber for beauty app is

  • Determining the business requirements of the firm and the target audience that it wants to focus on. 
  • Hiring various skilled professionals like UI/UX designers, project managers, finance managers, mobile app developers, technical support staff, QA testers, and marketing specialists for developing the On-demand beauty service app. 
  • Utilizing different tech stacks like MongoDB, Hadoop, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Twilio, and QuickBlox.
  • Adding all the necessary features and functionalities to the Beauty app.
  • Testing the Beauty service app extensively to remove all technical bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Launching the app in the market by listing it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the most appropriate time. 

Final Thoughts

The Beauty and Personal care market will amass a mind-boggling $511.401 billion by 2021. The industry will grow by 4.75% every year from 2021 to 2025. More revenue will come from the North American market and high growth will be witnessed in the Asia-Pacific region. 

On-demand beauty apps are a necessity in this fast-paced life and help customers maintain a youthful appearance always. Develop a Uber for beauty app now and get a competitive edge in this promising industry soon.