Isabella Guzman Now – An Update on the Woman Who Stabbed her Mother

Isabella Guzman

In 2013, Isabella Guzman became an infamous figure in America. Her name began circulating on TikTok after she was involved in a shocking incident where she stabbed her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, multiple times. It was a shocking act that shook the community and raised numerous questions. However, as time passed, Isabella maintained that the act was not intentional and expressed remorse for her actions.

Now, let’s dive into the present day and unravel the story of Isabella Guzman. Where is Isabella Guzman now? What has she been doing? Join us as we explore the latest updates and unfold the details about Isabella Guzman’s life. Prepare to discover everything there is to know about Isabella Guzman in the present day.

Isabella Guzman: Her Story

Isabella Guzman is an American woman born in June 1995. She has a mixed heritage and Hispanic roots. Isabella’s parents are Yun Mi Hoy and Robert Guzman, but she was primarily raised by her stepfather, Ryan Hoy. Unfortunately, Isabella’s journey was filled with difficulties when she made the tough choice to leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which caused frustration and anger among her family members.

Isabella Guzman’s Troubled Early Life

Isabella Guzman had a tough time when she was young. She started behaving in a difficult way, which worried her mother. When Isabella was around seven years old, her mother decided to send her to live with her biological father, Robert Guzman. Her behavior didn’t improve much when she returned to live with her mother. Things got worse during her teenage years, and she eventually dropped out of high school.

In August 2013, Isabella’s relationship with her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, reached a breaking point. Isabella became more threatening and disrespectful towards her mother. Their argument got bad one day when Isabella even spat in her mom’s face.  The next morning, Yun Mi Hoy received a scary email from Isabella. It simply said, “You will pay.” This frightened Yun Mi Hoy, so she called the police for help. They came to their house in the afternoon and talked to Isabella.

The police made it clear that if Isabella didn’t start respecting and following her mother’s rules, her mother could legally ask her to leave. Yun Mi Hoy also called Isabella’s biological father, Robert Guzman, and asked him to come and talk to her. Later that evening, Robert Guzman arrived at their house. They sat together in the backyard, looking at the trees and animals. Robert tried to talk to Isabella about the importance of respecting parents. He thought they were making progress and felt hopeful. But sadly, just a few hours later, they would realize that their conversation hadn’t made any difference.

The Tragic Incident Surrounding Isabella Guzman

On August 28th, 2013, a horrific incident took place that brought Isabella widespread attention on TikTok. At that time, Isabella Guzman was 18 years old.  On the evening of August 28, 2013, Ryan Hoy was at home when he heard a loud noise and his wife calling his name from upstairs. His wife, Yun Mi Hoy, returned from work and went upstairs to shower. Concerned, Ryan went to the bathroom and saw blood coming from under the door.

He tried to open the door, but Isabella Guzman, his stepdaughter, was holding it shut. At 10:05 pm, Ryan quickly went downstairs to call 911 and ask for help. When the police arrived at 10:16 pm, Yun Mi Hoy was already deceased, and Isabella Guzman was missing. During a heated argument with her mother, things took a turn for the worse. Isabella stabbed her mother multiple times in a brutal and tragic act. The terrifying incident resulted in the loss of her mother’s life, as she sustained 31 stab wounds to the face and 48 to the neck.

Fortunately, her stepfather Ryan Hoy witnessed the horrifying scene and, prioritizing his safety, hid in the bathroom while alerting the police. Isabella was apprehended the following day.  It is a profoundly sorrowful event that shook the community and left many questioning the circumstances surrounding Isabella Guzman and the tragic loss of her mother.

Isabella Guzman’s Court Case and Verdict

Following the brutal murder that shocked many, Isabella Guzman faced severe condemnation for her actions. Her behavior in court further worsened the public perception of her. Isabella’s mother was tragically stabbed 79 times, causing her demise. Her husband, who was present at the time, witnessed Isabella standing over her mother with a knife.

However, Isabella’s defense lawyer argued that she should be deemed not guilty because of insanity. Consequently, instead of going to prison, she was admitted to Pueblo State Hospital to receive the necessary treatment. Subsequent medical evaluations revealed that Isabella had been suffering from Schizophrenia. She revealed to investigators that she had been hearing voices in her head, which had been controlling her actions. Taking into account her mental illness, the court ultimately determined that Isabella was not legally responsible for her actions. They regarded her actions as a tragic result of her mental state during that time.

The Motivation Behind Isabella Guzman’s Actions

The doctors uncovered a significant factor that influenced Isabella Guzman’s dreadful actions – she suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia. This mental illness played a central role in her conduct. Furthermore, Isabella stated that during the incident, she was unaware that the person she was harming was her mother. In her confused state, she believed she was defending the world by attacking someone named Cecilia.  Isabella’s situation was unfortunate as she remained undiagnosed as a mental patient at that time.

Her family initially misunderstood her behavior as typical teenage defiance, expecting her to eventually calm down. Sadly, her condition persisted without intervention, leading to a tragic outcome. Her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, lost her life due to the consequences of Isabella’s untreated mental illness. Despite the horrific event, Isabella emphasized that she had never intended to harm her beloved mother. She expressed sincere love and attachment to her, affirming that her actions were a result of the mental turmoil she was experiencing.

Guzman’s TikTok Journey: A Tale that Captivated 2020

In 2020, Guzman’s story took the TikTok world by storm. News of her plea to be released from the Colorado Mental Health Institute spread like wildfire on the platform. Though some TikTok users sympathized with Guzman’s situation, others decided to create videos that combined snippets of the 2013 court footage, where Guzman was caught on camera glaring at journalists, with the popular song “Sweet but Psycho” by Eva Max from 2018.  These TikTok creations triggered a heated debate, with many arguing that the videos either romanticized or perpetuated stereotypes surrounding mental health. The response to these videos revealed a stark division among the public in how they perceived Isabella Guzman and the actions she took in 2013.

Isabella Guzman Now

The whereabouts of Isabella Guzman is presently in a mental institution. Despite the passage of time, she continues to assert that she was not herself when she committed the tragic act of killing her mother. As determined by the court, Isabella was mandated to remain in the mental health facility until she posed no danger to herself or society. This ruling implied the possibility of spending her entire life at the institution. However, recent indications suggest that she may soon be released permanently from the mental facility.

Final Words

Isabella Guzman’s tragic story is a devastating reminder of the impact untreated mental illness can have on individuals and their loved ones. While she remains in a mental institution for now, there are signs that she may be released ishortly shedding light on the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from mental health conditions.