Key Features of Using Recruitment Software


We all are quite aware of what is recruitment software. If you own a company, you might know some of its unique features like testing, sorting and hiring. But is that all? Does recruitment software just have that many features? Of course not.

With the advancement of the economy and evolution of gadgets, the IT sector is booming with new ideas and executions. Recruitment software now has become a major part of an organization. Either a big or small company, everyone needs a recruitment solution. And why not, after all, it does is make your work simple and effective.

Most Common Key Features Of Using Recruitment Software

#1 Efficient Posting

If you wish to attract potential candidates to your company, the foremost way of doing that is by posting the job vacancies online. But that does not mean to just write something and post it; the content has to be unique and attractive. For that, you can switch posting from a job board to a branded career website.

Moreover, you can build your own career website and for that, you don’t need any separate server. Nor do you need any technical knowledge. The recruitment software takes care of all the technical stuff. Applications that come through your career website are the best quality and also are more valuable for your hiring requirements.

#2 Simple Yet Powerful Application Tracking

You might wonder what makes the process on a recruitment website a lot quicker and time-saving. This is what makes it give you the quality applications in a short amount of time. And yes, getting the best applications to boost your performance a lot reducing the hiring time.

Why do people prefer the applicant tracking system? Well. It does provide you the best options to collect quality potential applications and that too not just from one, but multiple sources such as career websites, email applications, aggregators, referral applications and job sites.

Furthermore, you can even manage all applications in one place, that is, the recruitment software. You can easily sort and compare candidates that too at your convenience.

#3 Build Your Library Of Assessments

You can easily customize a comprehensive set of questions and screen it simultaneously with the online recruitment system. And if you don’t have time to make your question sheet, the application provides you ready-made test templates with a diverse range of questions and varying difficulty levels.

#4 Live Tests And Online Proctoring

Once you have created your own set of questions, you can easily assess your candidates in real-time and can scrutinize them through online proctoring services by which you can invigilate every candidate even though they are at home appearing for the test.

Online proctoring allows you to keep a close eye on all the activities the candidate does and helps detect misdemeanors if any. Online proctoring consists of Image proctoring, recording and reviewing.

#5 Personalized Resume Database

Recruitment software allows you to build your own personalized resume database. A database like this is the key to successful and effective recruitment. Why? Well, because hiring tools have a smart resume database system. You can store potential resumes that you think might be useful for other job positions in the future.

Being a smart management system, your resume database is highly professional and is accessed to your account only. You are the sole person to manage the user access permissions of the resume database. Recruitment tools provide you the best safety you will ever receive.

#6 Exclusive Interview Scheduler

You get an inbuilt interview scheduler that helps you easily keep an eye on all your interviews. It even provides you a summary report about your schedule that allows you do not miss any schedule confirmation.

Not just that, it also takes regular follow-ups with jobseekers for their interviews and conveys the same information to the hiring staff.

The Parting Words

So these were a few of the many features of recruitment software. Regardless of the type of organization you have or work for, you will always be beneficial with the help of recruitment software. And why not, it controls almost all the needs a Human Resource Manager does for their company.

It not only makes your job easier but allows you to choose from the best of the best candidate. It saves a humongous amount of time and resources. When you are using recruitment software, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.