30 Cringe Disasters in Design: PPT Presentation Version

cringe disasters in design

Whoa, pretty wise words to start this article off, isn’t it? Even experts make mistakes, and it is natural for humans to make mistakes. However, what makes the real winners different from losers is they will learn from their mistakes.

Even though those words seem too wise, they are suitable for the topic we will talk about: mistakes. Making mistakes is always unpleasant, but imagine making one in your company’s corporate meetings presentation.

Worse is when you do not realize you have made a mistake and continue making the same mistake over and over again. Of course, it can also affect your career. Thus, to avoid getting caught in this chaos, we made this article for you.

Here are 30 cringe disasters in design that you should avoid:

No coffee on your table

The first mistake that may lead to cringe disasters in design is not working on it while relaxed or motivated. Make that coffee first, finish it, and then start to work on your PowerPoint designing job.

Chaotic alignment

Your alignment of objects and texts is essential in creating a good PowerPoint presentation. A chaotic alignment, like one paragraph, is on the right, and the next one is on the left side of your slides, will only give you cringe disasters in design and nothing else.

Overcrowded slide

We know that you want to put as much information as possible into your slides. However, you should know the limit of how full is enough for your slide. An overcrowded slide will not only make things look worse than it is, but it will also make your audience less attracted to your presentation.

Too many bullet-points

Another thing that can make your PowerPoint presentation cringe because of its design is using bullet points too intensively. By this, we mean that you use like 15 bullet points to explain just one thing you can explain in a paragraph. Additionally, your design will become cringey if you only use bullet points without defining what it is all about.

Layout catastrophe

The next thing that can lead to cringe disasters in design is when your layout doesn’t support your presentation design. Objects arrangement is not less important than the presence of those objects themselves. Thus, make sure to put the correct thing in the right place.

Low-res images

Never put low-resolution images in your PowerPoint presentation design. The reason for that is because you will look less professional. If you need to place a picture in your PowerPoint presentation design, look for those that are not blurred.

Fonts to not be chosen

Do not use too fancy fonts like Joker to be the body of your PowerPoint presentation unless you invoke the cringe disasters in design. To be put in your presentation is not the purpose of the font, and having too fancy font dancing in the design is not the purpose of presentation design.

Objects size too small

Do not put too small objects in your PowerPoint presentation design because no one wants to go to the front to look at those small objects. If you feel the need to put a thing, it is better to put one in average size.

Unimportant objects

And if you feel that the presence of some objects is not as significant as it should be, then you may want to remove it after all. The most crucial thing in creating a PowerPoint presentation is delivering the contents, not arranging the objects in your presentation.

Bad object choice

Talking further about objects, you need to consider what kind of objects you need to put in your presentation design. For example, a poo emoji might never be suitable for a presentation about food or something clean.

Culturally ignorant objects

When you are presenting to your Jewish friends, of course, you want to avoid using the swastika symbol if you use it to ‘complete’ the design. The same when you present in front of your Muslim friend. Never put the caricature of their prophet in your PowerPoint presentation design.

(Bad) splash of colors

The choice of colors in your PowerPoint presentation design is ultimately essential. Choosing a lousy splash of colors that don’t combine well (like bright red and bright blue altogether) hurts the audience’s eyes so much!

Dull & bland color combination

While if you choose to make your PowerPoint presentation a little bit less colorful, you should prevent making it look dull or bland. Using pastel colors is okay, but make sure to put the required effort to make it enjoyable for the audiences’ eyes.

Black & white only

Another piece of color advice we can give you is to use grayscale while putting on a black and white theme. Using only black and white is so hard to make anything look attractive, including your PowerPoint presentation.


And if a bad combination of colors is already an eyesore, imagine if the contrast of those combinations adds up the blemish. A good distinguish

Ignoring the importance of color palettes

Your PowerPoint presentation, just like your corporate uniform, needs a specific color combination as identity. That’s what we call color palettes, and ignoring the color palette would lead to an absurd variety of colors.

Using competitor’s color palette

What’s worse than ignoring the color combination in the color palettes? The answer is using your competitor’s color palettes in your presentation design. Never do that!

Charts mess

If you use charts in your PowerPoint presentation, make sure to arrange them neatly. Not only the chart itself is visually apparent, but also the environment where it is placed. Or else you will miss the whole slide.


Do you want to put an object on top of another object? Then make sure that the arrangement is pretty good. If not, the overlapping things will only distract your audience’s attention and make the content of your PowerPoint presentation not as important.

The different fonts in the text box

Do you know that usually, text boxes use Microsoft’s default font as its default font (like, obviously)? This is just a gentle reminder to change your text box’s font before continuing your work if you happen to create your whole slide, not the default font.

Inconsistency between items

On page one, you use a world map as a background. While in page two, you use your picture eating spaghetti as the background. What’s the connection between those two? Yes, you can do as you wish, but please don’t torture your audience’s logic.

You follow other people’s suggestions too much

Are you in a team, but you are designing the presentation alone? Well, that’s classic. You should hold on to one thing: never work based on other people’s suggestions only. The work that you do should come from your thought unless you want to have cringe disasters in design.

To focus on your theme like other people’s opinions, you should also understand that following a piece doesn’t mean you have to be too strict to ignore some potential improvements you can give. Staying on the line is good, but don’t kill your creativity.

Your title does a barrel roll

Talking about creativity, there is one thing that we should warn you: making your title do a barrel roll is not the creativity we are talking about. It would help avoid including annoying animations in your PowerPoint presentation unless you expect cringe disasters in design.

What you present is the whole text you have

Back to the designing part, you should not include every word you want to say in the presentation into your PowerPoint design. This is one of the basic knowledge you need to understand in designing PowerPoint presentations to avoid cringe disasters in design.

Background music?

Yes, we all love music. But should you put some background music in your PowerPoint presentation? Well, it depends on the situation. There is one thing for sure: do not make things awkward by setting up inappropriate songs.

You forget to include your product

Your design is heavenly, and every single person on earth is hypnotized by the beauty you created. But after a while, you notice something strange: you don’t have the details of your product in that presentation. This is one of the biggest cringe disasters in design. Your design should support your content, not the other way around.

Using default templates as it is

Designing PowerPoint presentations is about creativity. That’s why using default templates as it is will mean that you have no imagination. Avoid this at all costs.

Doesn’t check our freebies first

Next in the following cringe disasters in the design list is not checking out our freebies before designing your PowerPoint presentation. We provide a lot of freebies that you can use for free, so don’t miss those things out.

Decide not to work with us

What’s worse than just not checking out PowerPoint presentation freebies is when you feel so burnout with a tight deadline. Plus, you can take advantage of presentation design services that will ensure your PowerPoint presentation design reaches perfection every single time.