Sheriff Eric Flowers’ Resumes Affair & His Wife Files For Divorce

Sheriff Resumes Affair

Over the last few months, Sheriff Eric Flowers has been in news for a particular reason. He has been accused of having an extramarital affair and cheating on his beautiful wife, Rachel. As per reports, Sheriff Eric Flowers has been caught having a relationship with another woman despite being married. As a result, this allegation tarnished his name, reputation, and his relationship with his wife. To make the relationship work with his wife, Sheriff even publicly apologized to Rachel. 

However, as per sources Sheriff resumes affair and his wife files for divorce. Yes, you read that right! 

This is for the second time Sheriff has been caught cheating on his wife and his wife is not at all ready to forgive him and give him another chance. There is a lot more about the story.

Keep reading the blog to know all about Sheriff resumes affair and his wife files for divorce.

The Story Behind Sheriff Resumes Affair 

As per the abandoned husband, he felt disappointed after his wife accepted being in touch with Sheriff Eric Flowers even after Sheriff publicly apologized on the Internet. The disheartened husband even confirmed that both his wife and Sheriff started dating each other after a few weeks after the Sheriff’s public apology. 

The husband said Sheriff bought untrackable cell phones. Both his wife and Sheriff used to text each other secretly to keep their relationship mystery from their respective partners.

However, it came like a bolt from the blue when the husband came to know that Sheriff has given tickets for the music festival going to be held in Fort Lauderdale Beach in the month of April to his wife. 

The husband was so upset and angry that he went to Sheriff‘s office to encounter him. The disappointed husband was very depressed as he desperately desired to save his marriage relationship but failed. The unfaithful couple resumed their relationship within a month after Sheriff’s public apology.

Sheriff’s wife came to learn about his husband’s extramarital affair from the upset husband only who set a location tracker in the car of his wife to know the actual truth. 

The husband said Sheriff’s wife contacted him to let him know about her divorce.

Sheriff Resumes Affair—Breaking The Trust 

Even one of the columns made it quite clear that Sheriff is a hypocritic man who used to once cherish family values openly. After his swearing-in event in 2020, he even gave a speech where the Sheriff correlated his office associates’ with a marriage vow and even mentioned that he hopes them to walk into his footprints and learn from his values.

However, as the Sheriff resumes affair, he has made many people to question his personality and credibility. He has not only broken the trust of his wife and other family members but also other people. After the Sheriff resumes affair, one of the main questions that make sense is whether it is possible to trust Sheriff again.

Both Sheriff Eric Flowers and his wife Rachel are not so popular public figures. However, they became part of the news when Sheriff resumes affair just after the month of his public apology. 

Sheriff Eric Flowers’ Wife Files For Divorce 

It is not easy for any woman to accept the fact that his husband is cheating on her. Rachel is no exception. It may not come as a surprise to anyone that after Sheriff resumes affair, his wife filed for divorce.

She has hired a highly experienced and educated family-law attorney named  Maggie McCain for court proceedings. In her petition, she has even mentioned that her 10-year marriage relationship with Sheriff is “irretrievably broken.”

Moreover, Rachel is a nurse working at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital and is a mother to a 6-year-old son. For financial and child support, she has even mentioned seeking alimony from Sheriff. Furthermore, she wants the court to restore her maiden name.

As per Maggie McCain, Rachel is not in a condition to make any statement “at this time.”

Sheriff Eric Flowers’ Court Records

As per court records, the 42-year-old Sheriff has hired Kathryn Hill who is a local attorney. Neither Sheriff nor his agency’s staff has replied to emails asking to comment on his wife’s filing for divorce and the conditions that are responsible for it.

After the Sheriff resumes affair, he has lost both the trust and respect that took him years to build. There are high chances that he might be removed from office as well.

Let’s Wrap Up

Above all, the hypocrisy and infidelity of the Sheriff have made many people question his character and even made them not trust him again. However, Sheriff firmly believes that he can improve his damaged image. 

People are quite disappointed and they doubt if they will ever trust him again. May be Sheriff has to come up with another public apology and this time a true one. Else it will be difficult for him to gain the trust and bring back the positive image.