What you need when selecting a new rough terrain crane rental company?

rough tarrain crane rental

Rough terrain crane rental is one of the most challenging types of projects, especially in Virginia. New developments in the industry have made it so that construction can be done in amazing new places. Innovations also have allowed for remodels and rebuilding to take place throughout popular cities and areas of the country.

These improvements will accommodate citizens, create safer roads and structures, and allow for new construction jobs to be created. The problem with rough terrain is that these improvements are even more challenging. A common example is a bridge. The current structure needs to be replaced or repaired and construction has to create a minimal delay for traffic. This is not something that can be done by just any team.

Challenges Of Rough Terrain

You can never underestimate the difficulty that comes with a new construction project. Consider that even the smallest projects require thousands of dollars of work and hundreds of hours to complete. You cannot undervalue the required commitment that comes with rough terrain as it makes every aspect of a normal job that much more challenging. This is why it requires the assistance of experienced contractors.

What To Look For In A Crane Rental Company

Many of the same characteristics that you would use in a selection of any subcontractor will also apply when you are selecting a new rough terrain crane rental company. Remember to take all these factors into consideration, not just the price. This company is going to be a reflection and your team and the quality of your work. Start with focusing on these characteristics:

  • An experienced team: If you are doing bridge work, you do not need a team with ten years of experience working on houses and small commercial properties. You need a team that has ten years or more of experience working on bridges, steep hills, unsure footing, and so forth.
  • The right equipment: Along with that experience comes the right equipment for the job. Because there are no two projects alike, it’s important that the right equipment be available because you do not want to push the flexibility of machinery like this.
  • Extra help: Throughout the day, you will rely on your subcontractor to complete a variety of tasks. Whether it’s part of a task the subcontractor needs to complete or something you need to complete, welding services would be a great welcome to accommodate the team. This would save you the time and costs to provide the service yourself. If the crane team can bring a welder, why not consider that when making your selection?
  • Amazing safety record: Rough terrain crane projects are challenging because they require the heaviest of equipment and the most unsure ground possible. It requires tremendous planning and commitment to safety. A company that is interested in working with you on this project should have a safety record to prove that they can get the job done.
  • Certified rigging: While this is usually a standard service with most companies, the problem is if the team can accommodate the rigging you need. What is the size and weight of the materials that need to be moved? Can they accommodate such a challenge?
  • Flexibility: Along with experience in the field comes experience handling a specific type of task. For example, one company may be able to handle standard residential or commercial projects but what about rough terrain bridge work? That requires a unique crew and set of equipment and experience in these areas is also greatly valuable. If you take on unique jobs like this, make sure the teams you are interviewing can handle the challenges.
  • Equipment repair: Some contractors are equipped with their own machinery to handle these tasks. However, if the equipment breaks down, the need for an experienced and quick technician is great. Who better to work on the machinery than the same people who work on their own each day?
  • Types of projects they’ve worked on: Remember, because commercial projects can be very unique, it’s important to know specifically the types of projects the team has worked on. What was unique about them, how did they make them change their usual strategy, was the project successfully completed, and so forth are all things you want to learn more about.

Each project will present its own challenges that make it different from the last. However, it’s important that you work with teams who know how to be as flexible as you are and can take on each challenge with you. You did not grow your company by not taking challenges, either can your subs.

Working with rough terrain crane rental companies means that you are relying on their experience and guidance to ensure that the task is completed, safely and correctly. The only way to be sure that they will get the job done right is to take your time selecting the best one based on their experience and ability to assist you. Try to focus on that as you meet with different teams and consider your options.