7 Must Read Real Estate Sales Instruction


Having competently prepared housing for sale, having studied all the intricacies of the upcoming procedure, you can sell an apartment without losses for the budget, and the instructions below will simplify the task. Even if you decide to contact a real estate agency , reading this article will allow you to understand the realtor at a glance, to delve into all the intricacies of the upcoming transaction.

  1. Clarification of the terms of sale.

The desire to sell property is not enough. Check if you are legally eligible. By following expert advice on how to sell an apartment, you will avoid annoying mistakes.

Consent of all owners

If you are the sole owner of an apartment that you bought with your own money, then there should be no problems. The main thing is to organize the documents. How to do this is described in detail in paragraph 2. If you don’t have enough time, you can entrust the work to a specialist – an experienced realtor will cope much faster.

If the apartment is in shared ownership, obtain written consent from all the owners of the shares. Contact a notary to formalize a contract, which will be signed by all homeowners.

In the case of joint ownership without division into shares, it is not necessary to go to a notary – a written agreement of the parties is sufficient.

Exclusion of encumbrances

The term “encumbrances” refers to restrictions that prevent the sale of real estate. Usually they are expressed in the form of rights of third parties without the status of the owner, but at the same time they have certain rights to the apartment. These can be sanctions (arrests, bans) imposed by the court or law enforcement agencies.

In the presence of encumbrances, even if the transaction is successful, there will always be a chance that some third party or government agency will go to court and recognize the transaction as invalid.

Elimination of doubtful deficiencies

In specific cases, you should tune in to a long process of finding a buyer. We are talking about “dubious” apartments that are reluctantly acquired for various reasons:

The presence of inconsistent redevelopment (especially those that violate the rules of SNiP and cannot be agreed upon).

There is always a risk that one of the neighbors or guests will inform the Housing Inspection, then you will have to return the walls to their place. Therefore, buyers require a technical passport – it is easy to compare the actual layout with the original. Legalize the layout to remove doubts.

Property owned for less than a year.

The vivid imagination of the buyer can play a cruel joke with you. If you inherited a home and immediately wanted to sell it, you will be asked questions about other heirs. If the apartment is donated by a granny living in a nursing home, the buyer runs the risk of being left without an apartment if she is declared insane.

It is difficult to predict and verify these and similar circumstances, so knowledgeable people avoid buying real estate from owners who have only recently received ownership. A certificate from the PND, an extract from the USRN, and other documents for the sale of an apartment that can dispel doubts will do

Among the owners there is a person who is in prison or has been declared missing.

Everything is clear here without long explanations. He may appear on the doorstep of the new owner, ruining  his life up to the point of being evicted after the transaction is recognized as illegal. A power of attorney from a prisoner will help remove doubts, but with missing people it is not so easy.

The apartment was bought with the sale of maternity capital.

It is almost impossible to check whether the amount of maternity capital figured when paying for an apartment. But when he sees you have two children, the buyer may be wary and require a certificate of the balance in the certificate account from the Pension Fund. It is difficult to sell an apartment purchased using maternity capital, but it is possible – a separate paragraph of the article is devoted to this.

  1. Collecting documents.

In addition to the certificate of ownership of the apartment, a package of documents is required for its sale.

  1. Pre-sale preparation of the apartment.

Selling quickly isn’t just luck. Most buyers pay attention to the appearance of apartments on the secondary market, as they are bought so that they can move in immediately. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell an apartment yourself, having prepared it correctly:

Conduct an apartment cleanup. Throw away all personal belongings, old furniture. Empty spacious rooms look more attractive than old-fashioned rooms that look more like a warehouse.

Eliminate minor defects. Repair the leaking faucet, glue the wallpaper, replace the broken door handles.

Do a general cleaning.

Take quality photos. This requires at least a digital camera or smartphone with a good camera. It is better to shoot in natural light, or screw in bright bulbs with white light.

  1. Advertising.

If you have hired a real estate agent, then all further worries about how to advertise the apartment can be shifted onto his shoulders. But this guide tells you how to sell an apartment without a realtor, so here are a couple of tips for placing ads.

  1. Conducting impressions.

How to sell your apartment quickly and profitably? Present it in an attractive light!

Standing on the sidelines, silently drilling through the eyes of a potential buyer, is not the best strategy. Be kind, smile, and confidently answer all questions.

If sociability is not your strong point, you should write down the advantages of an apartment on paper in advance, memorize them. So you will not be confused and will immediately find what to focus on when showing real estate.

It happens that the repair is not so hot, there is nothing to brag about. In this case, it is recommended to draw the visitor’s attention to external advantages:

  • Transport accessibility;
  • The proximity of schools, kindergartens, if the potential buyer has children;
  • Developed infrastructure of the micro district;
  • Clean, comfortable yard;
  • Well-kept entrance;
  • Good-natured, calm neighbors.
  1. Preparation for the deal.

Take a couple more steps before concluding a contract:

  • Recheck documents, order new statements if those made are out of date during the search for buyers;
  • Take an advance or a deposit (the advance is returned when the transaction is canceled, the deposit for the apartment  is not), has issued the transfer of funds by an agreement.
  • If you are the sole owner of an apartment, you can draw up a contract yourself. The text of the document indicates:
  • Address, passport details of both parties;
  • The full price of the apartment;
  • Address, description of housing characteristics;
  • Rights, obligations of the parties, their responsibility in case of violation of the terms;
  • Terms of the release of the apartment by the tenants.

If there are several owners, the purchase and sale agreement is drawn up by a notary in the presence of all parties to the transaction.

  1. Transaction and transfer of the apartment.

On the appointed day, the buyer puts the amount in a safe deposit box by concluding an additional agreement. It spelled out the conditions, having fulfilled which, you can withdraw money. Traditionally, it is enough to transfer the rights to a new owner in the registration chamber, put a seal on this procedure in the agreement, and then come with him to the bank, taking your passport with you.

If the registration was carried out online, access to the cell will be given by a signed agreement, an actual extract from the USRN with the name of the new owner.

Sequence of further actions:

  • Signing a contract;
  • Registration of a transaction in the MFC (the term for registering a notarial agreement is about 4 days, a regular agreement is 10 days);
  • Receiving money from the bank;
  • Transfer of housing to the buyer with the signing of the acceptance certificate.

It is better to entrust the listed activities to an experienced real estate agent, as there are subtleties in every step. Enlisting the support of a realtor, you will not make mistakes, reduce risks to zero.