How The Real Estate Industry Can Make A Recovery in 2022

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Real estate is one of the best forms of investment anyone can venture into. It’s an investment that gives great returns for years to come when done correctly. Because shelter is a necessity for humans, real estate will always be in demand. Like every other sector, there may be some high and low moments in the industry. This doesn’t erase the strong influence of real estate investment In people’s lives. 

According to Tey Yong Qing, “the previous year was a difficult year for the property sector because of the epidemics.” Tey Yong Qing is an expert in property management.

There was a prediction that last year would witness the worst decline in the property sector. The rate at which workers migrated and the fearful attitudes of buyers made the speculation high. It was surprising to witness the way the real estate sector sprang up. The sector recovered strongly with the help of the economy even with the worst waves. 

How can we make this year right for real estate investment?

Tey Yong Qing talks about having a fruitful real estate investment year in Malaysia. 

Tey Yong Qing is a renowned licensed real estate agent with knowledge about managing properties and clients.

It has been examined for years that real estate demands go through cycles. Save for some moments the world experienced world-war II and other civil unrest, the cycles have been consistent. 

The unique processes, grouped into four phases have been established as follows:

First Phase (Recoveries):

There was a reduction in job openings and the market has improved. Also, the low cost of financing enabled firms to enlarge, and job opportunities brought more markets for rental houses. The costs of the houses on the ground rose and few fresh constructions were made. This was achieved by the governments’ prompt involvement in ensuring small interests. 

The second phase (Expansions):

In this phase, people occupied more than the anticipated average. This made the rental fees shoot up with more people subscribing for the investment to earn profits. Freshly built properties also got into the markets. 

Third Phase (Hyper-supply):

There was a boost in the list of properties not sold.

Fourth Phase (Recessions):

The tenancy percent diminished beyond the expected average. Rental fees got reduced, even the price of the properties are affected. There were more empty spaces. 

These cycles were majorly impacted by the pandemics. Using this phase as a guideline, it seems we are at the first phase-recovery. Therefore, this year looks like the best period for investing.

There was great growth in the achievement of the property sector in Malaysia last year. This was witnessed between the first and ninth months of the year. Fresh construction of housing units was done in the key cities, 25% more than achieved in 2020.  

There is bound to be a dramatic expansion of housing sectors. The government officials aspire to construct more cheap housing. The houses will be located in the urban regions throughout the nation before this year ends. The housing schemes committee will be in charge of it. There is a great clamor for studio/office rooms as more firms will want to expand. They will want their workers to return to offices and get cheap accommodations.

Previously, administrators have enabled people from different places to be involved in real estate through various means. They lately discarded regulations surrounding getting approvals for property investments.

The government created a body that provides funds for prolonged building construction works done by low earners. This is to enable them to complete such projects and lessen the pressures of investors on the projects.

So far, last year has been outstanding, would the property sector record the same victory this year? 

Those involved in the decision-making of the industry are optimistic about the sector this year. The tendencies are there, together with the rise in demands for larger houses. This also includes small interests and reduced fees. All these will propel healthy development in real estate this year.

Furthermore, the government should add these strategies that will energize the recovery process:

  • They should allow debts to be refinanced for builders. The realtors can be able to generate money from banks at low fees to entice investors.
  • Inexpensive residential requirements should be established with costs of purchasing land and building according to locations. What is obtainable in a local area with low costs shouldn’t be so in a high-cost area.
  • The usefulness of inexpensive residences like tax-rate compensations should be extended for years to come.
  • Reducing fees expended on things or equipment used in construction. These will assist developers to forgo property leases. They will then be compensated for it by getting the fees from leasing finished buildings.

“This is the right time for additional amendments,” says Tey Yong Qing. Although, the government might not be able to incorporate all at once. They are great actions that will hasten the process.


The real estate sector is one of the major contributors to a nation’s economy. Concentration should also be on giving bonuses to small businesses striving after the pandemics. Those things help in boosting the gross domestic products. It also reduces their financial burdens. 

Investment in real estate will enable you to attain financial stability and amass generational wealth.

There is optimism that 2022 will be the right year for real estate investment with these conceptions.