Why is it important to Invest in Strata Maintenance Services?

strata maintenance services

While most people don’t give strata maintenance services much attention, for property owners and building managers, it is incredibly important. Strata maintenance services span almost every aspect of a building or residential area. It is the area responsible for ensuring that the building is functional as well as aesthetically impressive and tidy. It’s no surprise that strata maintenance services can be quite expensive, especially if the area is quite expansive or the building is older, and while it may be tempting to cut costs wherever possible, this is not a good idea.

Strata property maintenance, especially in Sydney, is important for attracting and maintaining a steady stream of residents in your building. Strata maintenance directly affects the comfort levels and convenience of the building, which ultimately determines if residents view the building as conducive to their lifestyle. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to invest in strata maintenance services. To further explain the importance of these services, we will elaborate on a few more reasons why investing in maintenance services is smart for your property.

What is a strata management statement and how does it affect maintenance services?

The strata management statement is a set of rules that outlines the features of a property and how people can use its facilities. The statement is meant to help residents and owners live in harmony, however, it is also indicative of what facilities will need to be maintained For e.g., if the statement contains information about pool usage with residents, then a maintenance service will be needed for the pool and its surrounding area.

What kind of strata property maintenance services can you expect for a building in Sydney?

Many people are unfamiliar with strata property maintenance and the types of services that fall under this area. It’s important to know this if you’re a resident/building manager because then you’ll be aware of what services you should trust to a strata management company. Here are a few examples of the type of services that you can approach a strata management company for.

  • Building repairs
  • Construction services
  • Maintenance and building defect services
  • Detailed property reports and quotations
  • Pool maintenance

4 reasons why it is important to invest in strata maintenance services

#1 Keep current residents happy

Ensuring that the residents of your property are happy is integral in maintaining a steady residential base as well as a good reputation for your property. Strata maintenance services directly affect your residents’ lives. From ensuring that pipes are maintained to keeping the landscape of the property top-notch, every aspect of strata maintenance impacts the quality of life for a resident.

Maintenance services are not just about day-to-day upkeep, it’s also about periodic repairs and replacements. Installing upgraded building features and furnishings is part of what improves a resident’s quality of life and increases their happiness at the property.

This is important for preventing them from leaving and contributing to a poor reputation for your building.

#2 Add cost-effective value to your building

With regular strata maintenance services, you prevent your building from premature wear and tear which ultimately, retains its value over time. Additionally, by regularly upgrading and maintaining the building’s grounds and interior furnishings/features, you add value to the building by ensuring that it remains updated.

These services are done over time and cumulatively, help your building increase its financial worth. It’s a cost-effective way of adding value to your building because it’s done over several years and does not involve one massive payment.

#3 Reduce insurance claims

Strata insurance can be extremely expensive, however, it can be made manageable and feasible if you control the number of claims that your property files. If you have several claims, your insurance costs will increase exponentially, every year, costing you more and more to keep your insurance.

To reduce the likelihood of your strata insurance increasing, invest in proper strata maintenance services from a reputable company. This will ensure that your building is properly maintained, reduce the likelihood of the need for repairs and replacements, and subsequently, keep the cost of your strata insurance consistent.

#4 Maintain attractiveness of building to potential new residents

Residents come and go. If you are the owner or manager of a rental property, then it’s likely that you witness the turnover of residents yearly. This means it is even more pertinent that you maintain an impressive reputation and facade as you will need to attract new residents to the property.