Important FYIs about Silestone Statuario Quartz

Quartz worktops

Along with granite, Silestone quartz is fast becoming a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Silestone quartz offers a range of benefits that homeowners who opt for the material can enjoy for years to come.

Are you thinking of installing a new kitchen countertop or replacing an existing one? If you are in the market searching for a worktop material, which would offer the same if not more benefits than granite and other standard worktop materials, you must try Silestone Statuario quartz for a change. Take a look at these FIYs about the material to help you make a better choice.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Is Human-Made

In sharp contrast to granite, which is a natural material, Silestone quartz is human-made. The quartz worktop you use is a mixture of natural quartz, along with resins and pigments. In most cases, a Silestone Statuario quartz worktop is up to 50% of natural quartz crystals, 25% of polyester resins, which act as bonding agents, and 25% of pigments and dyes that impart color to the quartz countertops.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Worktops Do Not Need Sealing And Resealing

One of the most significant benefits of Silestone Statuario worktops is that they don’t require sealing or resealing. Granite and other natural stones are porous and can develop cracks with the time that needs to be resealed, failing which these cracks will attract stains and bacteria. Silestone Statuario worktops are safe from this issue, as they are non-porous, thanks to the resins that bond them. Thus, they do not require any sealing and can, therefore, remain safe from stains and bacteria for many years.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Worktops Do Not Char Or Burn

While natural quartz tends to burn or scorch when it comes in contact with hot objects, Silestone Statuario quartz is resistant to heat and can withstand high temperatures with ease. This also ensures that the worktop surface does not develop char or burn rings if you place hot objects on it. Which reiterates the fact that Silestone Statuario quartz does not need resealing and can remain the way they are for many years.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Kills Bacteria

When compared to granite worktops, which can attract bacteria with time, Silestone Statuario worktops are impervious to bacteria. It is because of the resins used in the manufacturing process. Resins are baked with microbe killing agents, which make the worktops highly resistant to bacterial infections.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Worktops Do Not Stain Fast

While granite worktops can stain quickly, Silestone Statuario quartz worktops are impervious to stains. Thanks to their non-porous nature, making them a great addition to busy kitchen surfaces, which are known to experience spills and splatters during food preparation and cooking. All you need is a piece of warm cloth and a soft detergent to wipe it all away.

Silestone Statuario Quartz Worktops Tend To Fade When Exposed To Constant Sunlight

It is a known fact that quartz doesn’t react well to sunlight. The only drawback to using Silestone Statuario quartz worktops, in this case, is the pigments in the resins can fade when exposed to the UV rays of the sun for prolonged periods. Which is why Silestone Statuario Quartz is considered best for indoor use.