That’s How Granite Worktops Can Be Used At Your Home

Calacatta Boheme

Granite is a popular stone associated with different home improvement projects. Many homeowners prefer granite countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms due to its classic and chic appearance.

The common use of granite worktops in London is as countertops and bathroom sides or counters. The reason why many people install granite in their bathroom or kitchen interior is that this exceptionally resilient stone is resistant to stains, heat, scratches and day-to-day impact. Moreover, its natural beauty can instantly freshen up any interior – whether you select it for a new construction or renovation project.

Since granite is easily available in the market and also used for various applications, the granite worktops prices are quite reasonable. This makes it a great option for all types of homeowners to install in their homes.

Granite is also a versatile material and can be used in various rooms of a home. You can use it in the form of large slabs or small tiles to transform your living space. Its impeccable strength means that it is hardwearing and able to withstand a great amount of footfall without showing any signs of damage.

Here’s how you can use granite in different areas of your home

The following are different applications of granite worktops in both modern and traditional style homes:

1. Granite Countertops

Granite is commonly used as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom. You may have seen white granite worktops installed in many homes. This worktop material is strong and easy to clean, as well as resistant to water and heat.

Plus, granite kitchen islands are known to be statement pieces in open-plan kitchens. Just like kitchen countertops, it is also an ideal material to be used in bathrooms for a stylish bath vanity.

If you don’t like a white countertop, you can choose black granite kitchen worktops to add a unique sense of elegance to your shower room or cooking space.

2. Granite For Interior Walls

You may even use granite tiles on interior walls. This will enhance the natural aesthetics of living space while helping you connect indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. A kitchen or bedroom wall in granite is sure to change the look of a room, along with natural sensations of aged or honed granite.

Adding granite to a home will add value to any property. The value of the property enhance with each application of natural stone – beit used as a worktop or wall cladding or any other project. Hence, it is worth considering granite for your next home improvement project or when you’re looking to increase the value of your property.

3. Granite For External Facades

Granite is a compact and hard igneous rock that’s made from the combination of feldspar, quartz and mica. This makes it an incredibly tough and durable worktop, making it an ideal stone for facades. For instance, you can use Zimbabwe black granite on the patio, balcony or other areas of the property for highlighting a particular section of your home.

Since it is resistant to cold and heat, the stylish Taj Mahal granite gives unbeatable strength and toughness to the exterior wall cladding. The large-format worktops also add timeless appeal to a property.

The aesthetics of this natural stone depends on how it’s quarried, processed and finished. The worktop is also available in numerous textures and colours. This natural worktop retains its pattern and colour for a lifetime. So, it’s a great choice for the exterior walls of a home.

4. Granite For Flooring

You may even use granite for the flooring of interior or exterior areas of your home. If you have chosen the right finish, make sure the flooring is installed in a non-slip finish. The sandblasted, flamed or chiselled finishes are best for floorings.

Living rooms, bathrooms or corridors are ideal areas for granite flooring due to its unmatched hardness, low porosity than marble and resistance to abrasion.

5. Other Uses

Apart from using granite tiles for cladding interior or exterior walls, you can even use granite tiles as a chopping board in your kitchen. While the granite is highly resistant to scratches, honed Star galaxy granite is perfect for concealing any imperfections. Therefore, it’s ideal to be used as a chopping board.

Alternatively, granite stone can be used around a sink as a draining area. You may even carve a sink using a block of granite stone to add an interesting touch to your modern kitchen or bathroom. The properties of granite enable it to such applications, as it can easily hold water and bear the impact of heat without any damage to the surface.

Some designers even use granite as doorknobs to enhance the aesthetics of a property. This is effective in kitchens where large granite slabs are used as worktops, ceilings, walls or flooring. Using knobs in similar granite shade will tie the entire room together while making granite door/cabinet knobs the highlight of a room.


Not only for countertops, but granite is also a great material to be used in different areas of your home. There are so many applications for granite stone, such as flooring, walls, facades and more. All you need to do is decide where and how you want to install it in your property.