What are the Qualities of a Good Quantity Surveyor (QS)

Quantity surveyor

A quantity surveyor plays a vital role in the construction process of a commercial property. The total cost of construction projects can ultimately be impacted by work. He can guide developers and contractors to manage the costs associated with architectural projects, including increasing the value of money they spend on a project.

They either work for the developer of the firm or contractor in charge of construction. Quantity surveyors are also known as construction cost consultants. The main aim of any surveyor, whether they work for a client or as a contractor, is to avert overspending on construction projects.


A Quantity surveyor Vancouver or a consulting company comes in on a construction project and releases the contractor or developer from the worries about contracts and financial agreements. They will also take over the tasks when the tender has been offered to a specific construction firm and will also look after the fees, contracts, and prices through completion.

A quantity surveyor will also monitor the builders’ work to ensure that right quantity is provided for the price offered. They will also monitor the extra work and time needed on a project if needed. A quantity surveyor will also manage the project completion and payment. They suggest to clients in the right way to profit from an accomplished task, any future maintenance cost that may incur and guide clients to start new construction projects.

Choosing The Right Quantity Surveyor

Since financial and law situations are mostly dependent upon the building project’s locale, it might be the right choice to opt for a local surveyor. There are plenty of international construction consulting companies and real estate firms. But hiring a pro with knowledge of the current market situation and in-depth knowledge about the building laws and financial practices can offer you a relaxed state of mind that your firm’s needs are met.

The role of Quantity Surveyor

The roles of a QS are extensive and essential to the project life cycle.

Project life cycle

They are considered a vital member of a construction firm; they are also involved from the planning stages to construction and beyond. A quantity surveyor will also manage fiscal, legal, and engineering aspects.

Construction And Post-construction

A QS plays a crucial role in making sure the process works seamlessly within specific limits when there is an underway project, and all the team personnel are in operation. They are also capable of taking steps when a conflict arises, and they act as a liaison between the members of the building process.

After the project is accomplished, the function and responsibilities vary. The objective now is to track the building and ensure that operating costs are within the budget. A Quantity surveyor will also deal with the cost of replacement and insurance claims.

Choosing The Right Quantity Surveyor

There are specific qualities that you need to look into when choosing a quantity surveyor. Many construction firms and development companies have benefited from hiring a quantity surveyor in Edmonton.

The professionals can also plan the cost, prepare quantities bills, final accounts for building works, and interim valuation works. Still, many building firm consultants provide other niche services that can assist clients in attaining their goals.

Know Your Needs

If you are searching for making considerable changes in your firm, you need to check the results you are looking forward to getting and then ensure that they are delivered. To do that, you have to look at how and when they can be measured.

Never Juggle Work

The QS you choose must be a master of the building work. One common argument is, “I can handle that myself.” Why would one want to spend his valuable time analysing budgets, seeking opportunities, and checking the project and legal compliance? An excellent quantity surveyor will be a part of the team and work proactively one step ahead.

Setting The Conflicts To The Pro

Large scale projects and contracts are not a piece of cake! They are prone to conflicts— it might also mislead to cash flow problems or maybe personality issues. Whatever the cause, they might burn your pocket, either in money or time. A quantity surveyor can prevent the conflict by eradicating any obscurity from contracts, seeking a resolution to solve any problems before they proceed. If needed, they are also capable of settling these issues through official procedures.

Above mentioned are the main advantages that one can get when hiring a professional quantity surveyor. They offer their cost management expert services based on the size and nature of the projects. Give some thought as to how to use your time better and focus more on the growth. Consider the service of the Quantity surveyor Vancouver and ease off your worries.