Top 5 Apps For Real Estate Agent

real estate apps

As a real estate agent, you are constantly on the go. There are so many things that need your attention and things that you need to take care of.

You cannot be in front of the computer all day long because work beckons and there are all sorts of work that you need to handle. But of course, there is no stopping of work. Today, there are several apps available in the market that helps in making the work a lot easier and that will help in making your job convenient.

There are several apps that are essential if you are starting the real estate business and here we list some of the top apps for real estate agents. 


Lio is one of the best applications that can be used by real estate agents. Lio which stands for Life In Order is a great application that is made for anyone who wants a more organised way of life and wants to de-clutter unnecessary things.

With the help of Lio, you can have a detailed account of all the things that you need to work on in a more organised manner.

Lio is that one app where you can store all kinds of information whether it is the details of clients, customers, number of houses and areas you are handling, any paperwork that you are working on, and more. You can also collaborate with other people also and work on the many templates that are available.

Lio certainly is a great application that can be used for not just one particular task but for various others. Upload images, keep a tab on the cash inflow and outflow, the udhaars that you have taken, the upcoming meetings and everything else as well.


The trending real estate businesses require you to work on several things, finding new properties, new clients, customers and more but one of the biggest parts of having this job is taking nice pictures of the property.

The right picture can help in selling your listing easily and for that, you don’t just need to know the angle but also make it beautiful and for that, you need the app called Lightroom.

Lightroom is like the adobe reader on phones that helps you in editing your pictures and gives them the right effects to make them look really beautiful. You can upload as many pictures on it and use them as you may please. With Lightroom, even the most boring-looking picture can look really appealing. You can either upload a picture on the app or take a picture directly from this application and edit it to make it look beautiful. Lightroom certainly would change the whole picture game for you and will fetch you lots of query calls for your listings.


If you are a real estate agent you are definitely dealing with several paperwork and documents. There would be a paper that you would need to send to someone immediately and you only have a hard copy.

With TurboScan you can have a scanner on your phone. You can scan any document with the help of this app and make use of it as you want. With this, you are always ready and prepared in case you need to send a document at the very instant to somebody.


Docusign is another great application that helps in making the whole process of dealing with papers and documents much more easily and without any hassle.

Download the app on your phone, upload the document you want and share it with your client or customer so that they can sign it virtually and send it back the same way. Docusign is easy to use and perfect for the virtual signs that you would require. You don’t need to travel for kilometers to meet someone just to get their signatures but simply get the job done over this wonder application.

DocuSign is definitely one of the most popular applications that is made for the people on the go and who are unstoppable when it comes to their work.


Today’s world has become all virtual. Anything can be done virtually from anywhere. Zoom is that one application that has made meetings very easy. You can be anywhere in the world and can have a meeting with someone who is sitting in some other part of the world.

For real estate agents who are always on the go, you can join any meeting from your car, a certain location without actually having to be at a place. This does solve the problem of attending meetings in person. It saves a lot of time and you can attend several meetings with just a few clicks.

All these applications are definitely a must-have for all real estate agents to make them work more smartly and efficiently. You can make the most of your time and grow in your business with all ease and focus just on growing your business.